theme food

When stuck on what to make for dinner, everyone knows that you can just go with a theme. Asian night, only foods colored yellow, etc.

For me, sometimes I like to only prepare foods that are sold in England draped in an American flag. The flag makes it more delicious.

img_4531 img_4530



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6 responses to “theme food

  1. Rebecca

    excuse me, how does one prepare beef jerky for dinner?

  2. mira

    i think i just threw up a little looking at these. please tell me you don’t ingest these in any way and just bought them for our viewing pleasure. please.

  3. And, despite the American flag, the chili beef nachos proudly proclaim “British Beef” – like that would make me more likely to want to buy them! CJD anyone? No thanks!

  4. yael

    I cannot tell a lie. The nachos were actually good. Good for England if you know what I mean.

    Beef jerkey can be prepared for dinner in a multitude of ways. I like cutting it into small bits and sprinkling over a baked potato filled with baked beans. Because, um, baked potato + baked beans is popular here too. For some reason.

    Oh I did lie. I will never eat beef jerkey for dinner as long as I live and I have access to other food. Unless the other food used to live in a body of water. Then beef jerky it is.

  5. Maddo

    LOL. The british beef is even in bold on the fine print at the bottom [yes, i read it]. They look positively vile. What yael is neglecting to tell us is that they cost $45 as well.

  6. Oh my god. My fiance’s friend bought the Wild West Jerky to welcome me to the UK – then he remembered I’m a vegetarian. It really was the thought that counted!!

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