i squeezed chris martin’s arm.

The lucky chain of events goes like this:

The love of my life surprised me last night with tickets to see Coldplay at the O2 Arena.

(This makes the third time I have seen Coldplay, which is the most times I have ever seen a band or musician in my life. I feel like there is hope for me. Anything is possible now. I could follow Phish (are they still together?) or like my friend Jeff, go to every U2 concert ever scheduled in the U.S. and stand in the heart. Wait, did I say that right?)

Bryan bought the tickets off ebay and they happened to be floor seats on the aisle of the third and last night of a sold out show to 20,000 of a world-famous band in their hometown. We were tipped off when by the third song our aisle was cordoned off and staffed heavily with security. We knew then that the band would be walking by us, one inch from my body.

And walk by they did. And Chris Martin seemed unfazed, even as I squeezed his upper arm for several seconds- right over a hand-painted armband that I think said Barack Obama. But who is paying attention. They then proceeded to jump up in the crowd right next to us and sing two more songs.

The show also included huge yellow balloons filled with confetti that popped all over and later a torrential rainshower of thousands and thousands of neon tissue paper confetti cutouts of butterflies that glowed in the lights (our camera battery died). It was worth every pence.

Moments after Bryan and I commented that a crowd in New York’s Madison Square Garden would have been cheering 10x harder, Chris Martin said to the audience: “I am going to ask that you lose your English reserve for tonight.” YEAH ENGLISH.

How I love Chris Martin. He tricks me into thinking blonde men can be hot, and he makes me want to wear electrical tape on my fingers.

But I love Bryan the most.

img_4578 (I got the wrong member of the band.)

img_4560 img_4571 img_4574 img_4584 img_4552 img_4539

I forgot the biggest xmas difference of all. Chris Martin reminded me when he yelled it at the end of the concert. In England you say Happy Christmas, not Merry Christmas. And that makes me happy just thinking about it.



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6 responses to “i squeezed chris martin’s arm.

  1. Cindy

    Hi, I grabbed Chris’ arm as well when they here for their last US show. It was 2 seconds of ecstacy;)

  2. tosha

    wow, you described that so vividly i got goose bumps!

  3. From your dearest second cousin, Kaya

    Hi Yael and Bryan,
    PS Im making this a favorite site as we speak!!!

  4. yael

    Dearest Second Cousin, I love that song too! Too hard to pick a favorite but that is definitely a crowd pleaser during the show. We’ll have to get you to one of their next concerts so tell mom and dad you’re going. xo

  5. Andrew

    Great to hear that you guys had such a blast. Josh and I have seen Coldplay in Denver the last two yrs (last yr with the Schaefers) and both times they played in the audience. This year they were too far away to pursue but last year they were just at the end of our aisle which was on the last row before the floor and Josh, who had a lot of pre-concert libation, took a run at Chris Martin (not sure what he was planning to do when/if he got to him) but the Redskins O-line probably couldn’t have done a better job than the security guards in repelling his advance…funny memory. Glad you guys had such a good time!

  6. I can’t wait! I got your Christmas card it was great! I hope you’re enjoying London , but when are you coming back? Did you hear that lauren is engaged?!!!!!
    Love Kaya

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