plugs for friends

The horrifying state of the economy and subsequent unemployment of some of our friends…oh, plus the fact that the biggest retail holiday of the year is just around the corner, means it’s time for…

Plugging the incredible services of our friends and family!

  • One-of-a-kind gorgeous hand-made jewelry that I can never wear without someone complimenting it. Here
  • Hand-made invitations and any graphic design needs from a real talent. Here
  • Hand-made invitations and any graphic design needs, including custom onesies for wee ones! Here
  • Swim lessons from an Olympic professional beginning in NYC in a few weeks. Here
  • Music all your friends will want on their iPods too. Here
  • Custom nutritional, exercise and/or weight loss plan from a highly-trained consultant. Here
  • Web design and consultation for small business owners. Here

I bet I can also round up music teachers, midwives, reluctant non-sellout artists, photographers and possibly even a unicycle-riding flame juggler.

And a lawyer can sometimes make a good present too (admit it). Or maybe you need a first-rate temp. I happily give referrals.

Now, on to more important things. My friend from law school, Brian, just bought a ring and has a few weeks to decide how to propose to his lovely. Quick facts: late twenties, they live together in Buffalo, NY, self-described coolest couple ever, very social, oh and her brother is one of his best friends- you get the gist. I agree with Brian that a Christmas engagement will be cliche.

Can you all help a brother out and share some creative ideas on how he could/should do it? (Here’s mine: get totally wasted New Year’s Eve, strip shirt off in freezing cold snow outside and have Marry Me? written on your chest in Bills colors.)



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7 responses to “plugs for friends

  1. Jeremy

    Brian – nothing says “love” like a prenup!! Make sure to have a draft in your back pocket when you pop the big question!! (I’ll draft one at a discounted rate, call me in the office).

  2. natty

    another of your talented friends is pretty adept at personal budgeting and credit counseling 🙂 altho, i don’t charge a fee. and i don’t have time to do it right now …

    as for the engagement- i don’t know if my opinion will count as i am 32, hopelessly single, and never been proposed to but … my two cents is, whatever he does he has to make her cry and he must cry at some point during the proposal. one of my friends called his girlfriend at work and told her she had to go home early from work to accept a package that he was having delivered to her house (also around xmas). she was frustrated and bothered that he was making his delivery her responsibility but she went home early from work anyway. when she got home there were flower petals leading a path to her bedroom where she entered to find him on bended knee, surrounded with candles and a ring box in the palm of his hand. before she fell on the floor in shock he asked her to spend the rest of his life with her.

    another friend secretly bought a ticket on a jetblue (maybe southwest) flight that his girlfriend was on, going on a business trip or something. when the cabin doors closed and everyone was strapped in the pilot came on the intercom and announced that he had a very important announcement. my friend got on the ‘com and professed his love for his girlfriend and proposed. everyone on the plane was like, what the *f*??, then he comes out into the rows, walks up to her seat, got down on one knee and proposed.

    i don’t think i made either of those up. but i may’ve embellished some parts. regardless,
    i suggest going for shock! that way she can’t say no …

  3. I’ll take the unicycle riding flame-juggler. I’ve been looking for one of those for ages.

    Christmas engagements are a cliche, yes, and what’s worse, they deprive you of an anniversary for the rest of your life. Ideally you should get engaged and married at times of the year when you don’t have birthdays or other celebrations. Then you have a reason for a night out in what would otherwise be a bleak period.

    I had a friend whose boyfriend froze an engagement ring into an ice cube, and then poured her a gin and tonic, and put the ice cube in, and waited for it to melt enough for her to notice it. Don’t think it would work in the States, though, as there’s too much ice in the drink, and the ring might easily end up in the middle of it all, and then down the waste disposal.

  4. Rebecca

    tell him to get her a puppy and surprise her with the puppy when he proposes. Then for the rest of her life when she looks at her dog she will think of one of the happiest moments in her life.

    Just made that up out of nowhere, of course.

  5. Bryan

    It’s simple – pop open two cans of Natty Lite and Simply ask her if she’s ready to make this “gig” ‘official.” Worked like a charm every time for me.

  6. yael

    I am with the Europeans on the less-is-more ice thing.

  7. Ney Ney

    “Every” time? Damn.

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