a yankee omnivore’s dilemma

It’s not the high carbon travel that bothers me so much (I hate the environment), or even the unpronounceable preservatives, food dyes and trans fats. It’s the price. An inalienable right of being American is that the food that is the worst for you, and comes in the freakiest hues, is the least expensive.

But not on this side of the pond. Our little tastes of home can be found only at the poshest stores, and purchased for a pound of flesh. I guess literally.

img_4465 $5.90

img_4468 $11.00

img_4466 $9.59

img_4469 $4.42

img_4470 $10.27



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6 responses to “a yankee omnivore’s dilemma

  1. Rebecca

    That is a travesty. Let me know if you want me to mail you boxes of mac and cheese.

  2. Jeremy

    Those prices offend me. I’d rather go hungry (or eat mutton – a sheep that died from natural causes….)

  3. sonjey

    seriously, let me know what you really want for xmas/chanukah?

  4. Ah, but I bet you don’t have to pay $7.99 for a bottle of Ribena, or $8.99 for PG Tips, or $6.99 for a packet of Hobnobs.

  5. onegulpstories

    That’s funny, my daughter just asked me today, “Is there anything that we eat that is clearly American food?”

  6. Damn, the cost of Oreos alone would bankrupt me. Mmm – processed mystery white filling. Delicious.

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