profiting from obamania

I may have mentioned once or twice I am from Northern Virginia. It’s a geographic concept only familiar to Beltway-insiders, the rest of Virginia (aka real America) and any undergraduate institution that is continually graced with our presence. The recent presidential election (not sure if you remember it) shined a sweet little spotlight on us- apparently the entire election hinged on what we would do. Something like that anyway.

Well now the second most exciting thing is happening to “NoVa” since we got our first Cheesecake Factory circa the 1990s. The people are going buckwild trying to rent out their homes for President-elect Obama’s Inauguration on January 20.

With hotels sold out and 4 million people at minimum expected to descend upon the Nation’s capital, the surrounding suburbanites smell opportunity: go crash with a family member or friend and charge thousands to open up your home for a weekend. I am so proud of my people, I really am. They are giving up on their creature comforts like their saved shows on the HD DVR and their well-worn sets of Cranium- all in the charitable cause of a big wad of cash to fund next summer’s vacation to the Outer Banks. Brew Thru!

I truly could entertain myself all day reading the craigslist listings.

People still own waterbeds?

I know this is a historic moment and all, but does anyone know an inauguration venue with granite counter tops??? Oh wait, never mind. Options!

For the discerning visitor, only the home of an insurance agent and doctor will do

And by “explore new places”, I mean swing.

All you need bring is your clothes. Wrong on so many levels.

Great Dane in the basement? SIGN ME UP!

Always trust Mom

Annauguration week: all those flat panel tvs and no spell-check, tsk tsk


Did I mention HUNTING?

Okay, I’ll get a life.


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