ug in london + abbey road

Bryan’s Uncle Gary stayed with us this weekend before embarking on a week of work doing very fascinating post-conflict stabilization planning for Afghanistan and Iraq. Such an underachiever, that one.

In just 36 hours, we managed to walk all over town, taking in the famous department store Christmas windows along Oxford Street, the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, Indian food, multiple pubs, a run in Regent’s Park, Abbey Road, Primrose Hill and our favorite cheese shop followed by the eating of 15 lbs of cheese. Mmm. Get in my belly.

img_4422 img_4425 img_4427 img_4429

I am no Beatles expert (don’t be so shocked) but I am aware of the iconic album cover from 1969 depicting all four band members walking across the zebra crossing(!) on the road in front of the studio. It is a favorite tourist mecca and like nerds all over the world, I, too, wanted to walk across the street and get my photo taken. It turns out the crosswalk was moved in 1970 so it’s impossible to ever get the same vantage point. Plus, now it’s winter and there are no leaves on the trees, plus oncoming traffic, plus I look like a loser, plus Bryan was pissed I made him do it. So, I pretty much think we nailed it.

beatles-abbey-road img_4458

The recording studio has the graffiti painted over each month, mostly to be nice and allow space for new tags.

img_4453 img_4431 img_4433 img_4435 img_4439 img_4440 img_4443 img_4445



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3 responses to “ug in london + abbey road

  1. I’m quite the Beatles fan and I’m so jealous!!!! Thanks for taking pics of some of the graffiti. It was really cool!

  2. sonjey

    Gary, London looks good on you!

  3. sonjey

    Gary, London looks good on you!

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