this post is not about -the hills- but i wish it was

I’m in a good mood today. So far at least. Good enough that I don’t feel so bad that I have no fun photographs or new youtube links for the blog today. In fact, YOU should be nice and send some to me.

And here is your British English word of the day… I was having blood drawn at the doctor’s this morning (is it weird I like watching my blood drawn? Should I see Twilight?) and I was about to get up and leave but the nurse kept saying, no no, wait until I get the plaster on. Plaster? My brain did its usual daily rapid-fire scan of possibilities, but this took me a few extra beats.

Oh. Plaster = band-aid.

My mood is also good enough to withstand my daily sleep deprivation. In addition to a lifelong case of intermittent insomnia and the after-effects of redeyes, rain and jet lag, I am beginning to suspect Bryan is secretly manipulating the thermostat while I am asleep. How else to explain me getting into bed every night in my 1997 Adidas track pants and NYU sweatshirt (I like to pretend I went there) and then the sudden necessary urge to strip naked at 4am?? And not in an amorous way I might add.

Oh wait, that reminds me of the classic Flight of the Conchords song you have all seen and heard. But it’s always worth a revisit (Rated R FYI):

Bryan’s Uncle Gary arrives in London tomorrow morning for work but first for a brief visit with us. Having no other choice, and desperate, I asked Bryan to please clean the bathroom. He protested. Of course. And said that “Gary is only with us for one night”.

Okay, note to a-holes: It doesn’t matter if you have a guest for 1 night or 30 nights- they don’t want to see little curly hairs by the bathtub drain or on the toilet seat. They don’t want to see toothpaste smears in the sink or used q-tips exploding out of the trashcan. Why does this have to be such a struggle, husband?

Very Important Question I Need Immediate Help With: Should I wear a red dress or a black dress at tonight’s firm xmas party? And why? Yes, I brought both with me to work. Bryan says that the goal should be to not stand out and therefore I should wear black. I am not sure red really stands out at a holiday party though. In fact, I feel like wearing red with red fingernails (I did that too) at a holiday party makes you kind of predictable. Perfect!

Sorry, where was I?



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9 responses to “this post is not about -the hills- but i wish it was

  1. mira

    Bry be a good boy and clean the bathroom 🙂

  2. Marlene

    I vote for red b/c you’ve never been one of the blend in kind of girls.

  3. Joe

    I vote black. BTW, is black worn as much in London as it is in NYC or is that just a NYC kind of thing?

    And, yeah, Cap, clean the bathroom.

  4. big pipes

    wear the nyu sweatshirt.

  5. Maddo

    I’m with big pipes, as always.

  6. yael

    I am going black and boring. Joe, I think NY might take the prize for black-ness. And please put in more good words on the bathroom cleaning for me with Bryan.

    Off to the party. Ugh.

  7. Jeremy

    Sorry Yael. I have to side with Bry – you are going overboard re: bathroom cleaning. I mean, when the two of you visited me in Brooklyn this past summer, I didn’t clean my bathroom, and it goes without saying that there were stray hairs and toothpaste smears everywhere (perhaps even on the floor leading up to the bathroom). I didn’t hear any complaints…..

  8. Bry

    Thanks Jerm – appreciate you having my back, although your bathroom did remind me of college…

  9. Jeremy

    Is that a bad thing? I loved college….. Good point though. Instead of labeling my bathroom as “dirty” (a characterization I object to), let’s simply call it “youthful”….

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