something else to be annoyed about

“Slumdog Millionaire” is a film by an acclaimed BRITISH director. He’s BRITISH, ok. These are the release dates for the movie:

U.S.: November 13, 2008

UK: January 23, 2009

I don’t understand this horrendous travesty of justice that would require the BRITISH people to wait two extra months to see a film by one of their own. I really want to see the movie. Which means I am going to have to go against my lawyerly principles of law-abidement, and download a free bootleg off the internet. So suck it, confusing corporate distribution rights. May your greed cause you a slow and painful death. Preferably involving fire ants.

I should mention this same¬†mockery is also being perpetrated by the people who own the rights to “Milk”. And even though there is something so odious and self-righteous about Sean Penn, I want to see this movie too. Which means I will be a criminal at least twice over.

Now please show off that you’ve all seen these movies and I haven’t. Because my retort will be that, um, uh, I can have Yorkshire pudding anytime I want?



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7 responses to “something else to be annoyed about

  1. listgirl

    SM is great – worth breaking the law for. Milk is on our list, too.

  2. Matt

    OM actually left work at 4pm on a Friday 2 weeks ago to see Slumdog on its opening night, (I know unheard of and unsettling) and of course as is the case with any movie he sees, he panned it.

  3. yael

    At least it was not a Black Friday then.

  4. yael

    Only you, -kas! I will never tell…

  5. Ney Ney

    Travesty is right. Slumdog should be required viewing immediately for anyone over age 13. Who is OM? Did he not like the popcorn and took it out on the movie?

  6. Maddo

    As Yael’s GBF (well, boy-GBF, not tryin to compete with Mira), I have to put a word in for Milk. Break the law if needed, Sean Penn is incredible.

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