our tryp(tophan) “home”

As aggressive travelers, we survived the multiple house and bed changes, the rogue thermostat settings, and the increased amount of luggage as we visited our favorite retail chains like Target and Banana Republic, which just seem to import better-quality Sri Lankan-made clothing than the UK. Mostly we soaked up the beautiful moments with family and friends and savored the tastes we miss, eg tacos. I even snuck some boxed macaroni & cheese and Rice A Roni back in my suitcase. Don’t tell Bryan because he will just launch into one of his speeches about extra fees for overweight luggage.

We spent the first weekend on Long Island with family celebrating nephew #2’s baptism. As Shea’s godmother, I have promised to support his lifelong dedication to the Christian faith. I am assuming the pastor does not know I am Jewish. Luckily Jesus was Jewish. Shea, I’ve got your back.

img_4038 1 img_4054 img_4063 img_4074 img_4092 21 img_4111 img_4131

We headed to Virginia for the week, splitting our time between my mom’s and dad’s. It all started with the 2nd Annual Green Gopher Bowling Tournament.

img_4190 img_4152 img_4169 img_4176 img_4179 img_4180 img_4185

Thanksgiving was a 21-person affair, bringing people together from as far away as Seattle, who make up our ever-expanding family. It also was the scene of our first-ever Turkey Bowl.

img_4191 img_4194 img_4195 img_4233 img_4235 img_4246 img_4256

Friday was a jam-packed engagement party for my brother Josh and his lovely bride-to-be, Kaci…

img_4279 img_4280 img_4286 img_4322 232323232fp53679nu3286236992wsnrcg323999938-5-7nu0mrj img_4359 img_4145 img_41521

Followed by brunch in DC


Finally we ended up in NYC, to see some friends and complain about the rain and wind, before boarding our redeye back to London. Drug-free, I consider redeyes to be approximately 8 hours of complete and utter hell. When you go straight into the office afterwards- even better.

East Coast represent. We love you all.

The guest bloggers were a resounding hit. I am taking volunteers now for Christmas. Not because I am going anywhere. But because I am lazy and self-loathing.



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5 responses to “our tryp(tophan) “home”

  1. Rebecca

    come back. we miss you already.

  2. big pipes

    nice uniforms for the bowling tourney!

  3. Josh

    we had a great time. nice photos!

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