guest blogger #3: summer


Hello Internet. Yael has put me to work. As her currently unemployed friend she’s given me something to do to fill up a few of my sitting-on-the-couch-pretending-to-google-“who wants to full-time employ me?”-while-still-in-my-bathrobe-at-2pm-while-contemplating-if-I-can-stomach-even-considering-working-out-while-really-watching-free-movies-on-demand- (I admit that I actually watched 27 Dresses)-and-while-wracking-my-brain-about-what-to-make-for-dinner-moments.

Yael takes care of me.

Honestly, for me, the most stressful thing about being unemployed is thinking of what to make for dinner every day. This probably says more about me than I’d like to admit. Yes. I know our country and many others face an economic downturn of epic proportions. Yes. I know finding any sort of job in this market is as likely as my husband shutting his dresser drawer after opening it (read: not likely) . . . but those things are easy for me. Cinchy. I just say to myself, “It’ll all work out like it’s supposed to!” and then I shut the drawer.

I can’t say the same about dinner.

Somehow I’m the strange combination of person who loooooves to eat but can’t ever think of anything to make that sounds good. I go to the grocery store and walk down each aisle waiting to be inspired and I end up with laundry detergent and unsalted butter.

For this reason I consider myself to be one of the luckiest girls on the entire planet because I have a husband who prefers to and takes pleasure in making his own chicken stock. He’s one of those people. He’s also really good at going to the grocery store. He comes home with things you can make into actual meals. And then he cooks them for me. Awesome. We should get married.

So, the role reversal that my current unemployment has generated causes me not a small amount of anxiety. I search food blogs daily. I click and click through all the links and I flip and flip through all the recipe books and I always come up blank. Nothing sounds right or not ridiculous. I know there are many of you out there who love this stuff. Those who would find it an absolute luxury to think about what kind of meal to prepare every day. To those people I say – “Whatever.”

Yael is one of those people. When she was job searching in London she’d even post pictures of the meals she prepared for herself and Bryan. I think lamb was involved once. Whatever, Yael.

I bring all of this up because it’s Thanksgiving time. And at this festive, Pilgrimy and Native Americany, family coming togethery time of year I just want to say that I love the Thanksgiving meal. Lots of people do. But for me, along with all the usual reasons, there’s also the fact that there are so many delicious aspects of the meal that you don’t really need to be inspired about at all. You don’t even have to think about them! Turkey. Yes. Mashed potatoes. Of course. Yams. Done and done! Sometimes your crazy dad or aunt will throw some rogue side dish into the mix but that’s what makes all the essential Thanksgiving meal items so much better.

So, thank you French’s Fried Onions for having the always delightful and easy recipe for green bean casserole right there on your label. Thank you potatoes for only needing lots of butter, salt, and whole milk to taste sooooo good. Thank you cranberry sauce for just coming out of a can in a gelatinous gloop that still tastes great! And thank you U.S.of A. for having a holiday focused on food. But more importantly, food that doesn’t stress me out and is all the better for being traditional and easy to imagine as I’m walking down the grocery store aisles. For all these things I hereby give my thanks.

To those of you who won’t eat canned cranberry sauce . . . can I get a big . . .       W H A T E V E R.

And last year, as an employed person, I had to work the Friday after Thanksgiving. Not this year. Because I don’t have a job! Silver linings, folks. It’s all about the silver linings these days.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Yael – I’ll see you on Friday.



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6 responses to “guest blogger #3: summer

  1. Rebecca

    Hi Summer! I had no idea you were a foodie too. I looooove obsessing over what to make for dinner. Although my husband is of the mindset that “there is really no reason to ever eat anywhere but Subway” (yes that is a direct quote) so I’m not sure he appreciates it. See you soon.

  2. Marlene

    Summer! I had no idea that we were exactly the same! I mean, really, I agree 100% with everything you just wrote! Thank GOD I married well (read: he cooks and cleans).

  3. mira

    My theory is that there are two kinds of people in this world: those who love to cook, and those who don’t (just like there are also either people who can keep plants alive, or people who are plant-killers). The sooner I embraced the fact that I am of the not-cooking-loving variety (and plant-killing kind, too), the better it was for me and all involved. Although I will say I can make pretty good matzo ball soup, pancakes, and Pad Thai (from the box of course) 🙂

  4. yael

    Unsalted butter makes me laugh. And Summer, don’t front. You are a master baker.

  5. toshalot

    i’m a horrible cook. actually i only ever date men that can cook. its ok. but i do make a mean fried egg sandwich on sundays. we all have our special skillz 🙂

  6. Ney Ney

    serious comment:i am 100% with you on the food front. and, if yael is to be believed (a risky endeavor at best), i, too, love to bake as you do. so, after years of not considering this incongruity, someone more incongruity-considering then i, explained it thusly:people who love to cook have some kind of ability to know what things taste like even when the items aren’t in their mouths (i despise these people). this allows them to be creative about cooking and to make meals out of things found in the refrigerator that i would only use in a crafts project. we, on the other hand, only know what unsalted butter tastes like (good). but desserts are all about exact portions (read as not-as-creative). so if we follow the directions like good little bakers, we can actually produce something that people will enjoy and will have the added benefit of intimidating them. because they are too busy poaching things and “reducing” things and putting things through sieves and cheesecloths to think about baking. and they are totally unaware that cookies make a perfectly good meal.

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