correction (fluid)

Some amendments:

First, I did not do a fair chocolate drawing as commenters were stuck in the netherworld of the spam filter. I decided that, like Minnesota, I will have a do-over. But then like Florida, I will just do what I want. Sooo… I decided Anne gets the chocolate because she wrote a word I can never pronounce.

Last night I had time to kill in our neighbo(u)rhood before meeting a family friend for dinner. This coincided nicely with the xmas street festival one block from our flat that was designed for the fancy non-PC crowd that apparently lives in my surroundings. Carols, free-range barbecue, snow machine, a line for Santa (real beard!) and lots of free treats for me. And mini-cupcakes! I elbowed out some little American kids to get to the mini-cupcakes. They deserve it for being American.

img_4003 img_4005 img_4012

I have been alerted to our friends’ blog who are traveling for five months around the world. I think the perfect antidote to the crappy weather, depressed economy, staggering unemployment and your terribly pale skin is to read about other people on a magical and wonderful extended vacation. Jk, I am actually really happy for them. Jk, I’m not. I hate them.

The other day when I said what I would want my career to be in an alternate universe, I should have said that I wanted to get a brain transplant that would turn me into a clever person, and then I would make youtube videos all day long.

I stole this from Dooce but honestly, she is too important to care.


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One response to “correction (fluid)

  1. I’m demanding a recount. I’ve got my lawyers on the case.

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