it’s a toss up between graphic designer and post-op high-priced escort

C’mon it’s Tuesday. You’re bored, I’m bored. It’s a long time until the weekend. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all had to say what we would want to be doing for a job if we weren’t doing the ones we are today? I will randomly draw from the commenters and the winner gets superior European chocolates mailed to him/her. Apparently it is illegal to mail alcohol, so I am going to take a breather from cross-border criminal activity.

These Hollywood types have lied to us to set up for their comebacks. Believing that Alec Baldwin will quit acting is like believing Bryan when he says he will be home at 7.



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13 responses to “it’s a toss up between graphic designer and post-op high-priced escort

  1. Rebecca

    ooh greatest blog post EVER. I would totally want to be an actress. Who happens to be named Julia Roberts.

  2. mdouris

    I see your Julia Roberts, and I raise you. I want to be the “call girl” named, Vivian, who looks like Julia Roberts and then gets picked up by the Richard Gere look alike (Richard Gere circa 1990, not circa now) driving a Lotus, who then gets a fabulous shopping spree (note, shopping spree circa now, not circa 1990) and then gets to live out her days in the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

    But hell, right now, anything beats pulling 20 hour days as a lawyer.

  3. poren

    mine is food critic-getting PAID to eat (and talk sh**)…I think we have all missed our calling except this guy

  4. poren

    i think my comment didn’t go through, but since this is a competition, i couldn’t just give up.

    mine is a food critic-getting paid to eat(and talk sh**). we have all missed our calling except this guy

  5. mira

    little known secret…astronaut.

  6. Hmm, I’m going to be boring and say go back to my fabulous pre-baby career in advertising…

    Except not MY advertising career, but more like the ones in Mad Men and I would be a guy… a WASPy chain-smoking, martini- guy. Yeah! Yeah!

    I wonder what that says about me.

    By the way, are you coming to the Blogger Meet-up tonight?

  7. er… that was supposed to be “martini-swilling guy”.

  8. listgirl

    Sarah here (didn’t want you thrown off by my alias). A giveaway – very exciting!! A travel writer. Chocolate pleeeeeez.

  9. You don’t have to mail the chocs to the Us.

    What would I be doing? I worked in Government from 1987 to 1993, and the longer I go in life, the more I think I should have stayed (I didn’t start to think that till at least 10 years later). So maybe a Civil Servant (and I say that partly because never in a million years would you have guessed anyone would have replied that, and I like to be a little surprising from time to time).

  10. Pastry chef. Even better if I get to work for Gordon Ramsay.

  11. Quite frankly, I’d like to be retired – but my pension would have to be at least 100% of what I’m making now in order to maintain the lifestyle I’d like! Given the state of the stock market, it looks like I’ll be in my 90’s before I’ll be able to afford to retire 😦

  12. anne

    An aesthetician. Definitely. I want to work in a spa all day with good smells and soothing music. (and massage tables for when I need a nap!)

  13. big pipes

    baseball player – baltimore orioles. still have a chance if i can refine the knuckle ball i have been tossing to amy after work, weekends, and holidays…..maybe i’ll just go straight eephus pitch and work in the fossum flip, folly floater, space ball, or dead fish…anyone, anyone…is this thing on.

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