for better or for worse

Obviously it would be a lot more fun if this post was filled with crazy pictures of us at various London nightclubs, spinning records with Sam Ronson and dirty dancing with Lindsay Lohan– then hitting the after after parties at secret whisky clubs and rolling out at dawn for a full English- hold the black pudding.

But I mean, that’s so 2007. The cool people sit at home and order movies on Apple tv. Which is precisely what we did.

Okay, back up. Friday night we respectably met friends at a bar and then went for thai food (often served in pubs here, very convenient). Saturday I can’t remember if we left the flat, but Bryan ordered The Bank Job for us to watch- a movie I recommend for the sole reason that the entire plot takes place in our neighborhood, at an intersection 2 blocks away. Sunday our friend had a dinner party and we learned another English expression, something about putting a spanner in the works.

Saturday night is the important part of this story. I wasn’t that excited to watch a bank heist/action/caper film, so I meandered around the flat looking for a project, like I don’t know ironing or something that needed to be decoupaged. That’s when my eyes cast over our faux leather magazine holder. It was basically empty. My blood pressure spiked.

Me: Bryan, please tell me you did not take all seven newspapers that I painstakingly walked all over town to buy on November 5th that have incredibly historic covers of the election of the first African-American leader of the free world, that I was going to preserve in mint condition and one day show our grandchildren, that everyone would be jealous that I had the foresight and cleverness to collect such an amazing treasure, and that would potentially become very valuable in several decades, especially on the U.S. market since they would all be British newspapers, and please tell me you did not then deposit them in the recycling bin that has been collected.

Bryan (watching bank heist caper): I did put them in the recycling. I was trying to be helpful and straighten up.

Me: But you are never helpful, I have not seen you straighten up in the nine years we’ve been together. You decided this would be your big coming-out helpfulness move…throwing away my newspapers?

Bryan: I was trying to help. I didn’t know they were the Obama covers.

Me: You didn’t notice his face in 12-inch pictorials gracing every cover with 26-point exclamatory headlines?

Bryan kept watching the movie and after I pouted for at least 20 minutes, I watched it too.

In much more interesting news, the crazy English weather means sometimes outdoor plants and trees are tricked into blooming at various stages throughout November. Fun!


(I recognize my only photo of the weekend is of a potted plant. What can I say, I live to be a horrible blogger.)



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7 responses to “for better or for worse

  1. Rebecca

    that’s hilarious. Sean and I had a similar battle over keeping the WaPo edition from the day after the election. He won.

  2. Nilda

    My Brian would have never finished watching that movie – that would’ve been his punishment, even if it meant I was bored all night too!

  3. yael

    My Bryan just isn’t quite as housebroken as I would like. His punishment is that he has to find hard copies of the newspapers for me. Happy hunting, honey!

  4. poren

    Yael, if you like, I will share with you from my entire bag of various Obama pamphlets that I forgot to return, seriously it was an accident I would not have kept a WHOLE bag, to the Pennsylvania Obama headquarters on election day. I have yet to throw it out bc it is historic (read: I am an insane horder) and I may come across someone like yourself in need of such treasures.

  5. Josh

    When I rented it, I forgot to return the Bank Job to blockbuster. When I finally went back they would not accept it back, they had charged me like 19.99 to own it. (who knew that you couldn’t wait 2 months to return a movie? No late fees!) I even offered to give it back for 5 bucks. Denied.

  6. The gardeners where I live (I know, crazy already) actually go out of their way to plant things that do well in this time of year, and pansies are one of those. Apparently they survive freezing weather quite well.

  7. Virg

    We watched that movie at the beach this summer…wow I feel like now I’ve seen where you live! 🙂

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