salisbury, winchester, cambridge, canterbury and oh yeah, london

My dad and stepmom left for the airport early this morning. I was sad as this day got closer, because I was reminded in the past two weeks it is comforting to have family around.

They took a number of excursions and day trips, but here are some photos from the ones where Bryan and I tagged along to Salisbury, Winchester, Cambridge and Canterbury – famous in no particular order for cathedrals, prestigious university, literary heroes and tales, pilgrims, kings, various assorted historical hijinks and sheep.

img_3883 img_3937 img_3940 img_3943 img_3963 img_39441 pb040135 pb040137 pb090196 pb0701651 pb0901821 img_3899 img_3953 img_3965 img_3975 img_38481 img_39641 pb090190 pb090195 pb0901931 img_3880


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