iceland’s misery may be our gain

I’m having an ethical (or moral- I can’t be bothered to know the difference) dilemma: In the wake of Iceland’s devastating financial ruin, should Bryan and I take advantage and go for a short weekend break?

Legend has it that Iceland’s once storied $20 beers and soft drinks have plummeted to a reasonable $2.50 per refreshment. About a month ago I casually mentioned it might be a good time to go. But lately I have been seeing life-sized ad(vert)s on the tube with declarations like, “Take Advantage of the Lowest Exchange Rate in Twenty Years!” and newspaper article headings: “20% More UK Travellers Went to Iceland this September”. So now that the vulture circling is being this publicly encouraged, I am starting to feel guilty. According to the Daily Telegraph by way of Wikipedia, the Icelandic króna’s decline is reportedly only beaten by that of the Zimbabwean dollar. OH NO YOU DIT-INT.

You’re never supposed to kick a man when he’s down, right?

But why wait to go when the country becomes cost-prohibitive again. So if you want to meet us there, let us know. The country’s tourist board doesn’t seem to mind.

In the meantime, today is blue skies in London- which seems rather a bit of a miracle. It has been gray and rainy lately and I hope you all make fun of me for trying to wax prophetic this summer about the amazing weather here.



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5 responses to “iceland’s misery may be our gain

  1. If they are encouraging people to go, then go with a free conscience. Maybe they need the income that tourism generates. Dress warmly.

  2. Obviously they need whatever money you can bring them! Go soon,before the days get any shorter up there!

  3. Rebecca

    yes, go and spend money there to help their economy. what’s immoral about that? You’re just trying to help. I’m just sayin.

  4. Elizabeth

    Go. Spend money and boost their economy. No moral or ethical dilemma. You are helping them. I hear they have amazing hot springs.

  5. tosha

    the sf chronicle travel section featured iceland as a destination a few weeks ago. the pics were awesome. i would go.

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