bleeding red, white & blue

It’s tricky to take pictures of strangers on the subway. They don’t always like it so much.


img_3843Today is the 10th wedding anniversary of my dad and stepmom. As a COD, it is interesting to reflect on this- to remember how I felt when I heard they were getting married, and what it means to love people together despite it being outside a child’s master plan. Today is also five years to the day my stepmom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she remains now cancer-free. In the blogosphere I toast them and I hope you do too.



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4 responses to “bleeding red, white & blue

  1. triniis

    Happy 10th anniversary! I hope you enjoyed every minute of the fish and chips!

  2. Ney Ney

    Happy 10th anniversary! Happy 5th anniversary! Here’s to many years of health and happiness ahead!

  3. Josh

    Happy 10th and 5th!!

  4. Sonya

    Amazing tube catch, Yael.

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