Barack Obama means a lot of things to a lot of people.

To me he means a very important opportunity to try my first t-shirt craft project. (And also hope and change blah blah…)

tshirt before tshirt after

I know it sort of looks apron-y even though it’s supposed to look like a cute halter. Whatever- I am so proud. Thank you, Mr. President-Elect.

There were parties all over town last night as there are 250,000 Americans living in London. Many lasted until 6am. I, however, watched Fox News with my dad from home. Fox News seemed like a small concession considering my dad’s candidate was destined to lose. Bryan went to a Built to Spill concert. We just keep it real, what can I say.

It’s been fun to read and hear about yesterday’s excitement all over America- in line at polling places, at the proverbial water cooler, at viewing parties… But I am not sad to be here instead. As I commuted to work this morning, I watched hundreds of people reading newspapers covered from end to end with photographs of American flags, Barack Obama and headlines in 80 pt. font, such as: “The new world”. See how much it’s covered here or here. I will never forget where I was and the way people all over the world care what we do and what we think. Like Le Monde’s headline on Sept. 11, 2001- “Today We Are All Americans”- I try to never take for granted being from the greatest country on earth. Oh yeah. I said it.



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4 responses to “exhale

  1. Well look at you Ms. Crafty!

    I stayed up WAY to late watching the BBC coverage and am not suffering from what I can only call an “election hangover”. Unlike past hangovers, this one is worth it.

    Your t-shirt creation is awesome.

  2. triniis

    You are an inspiration to us all!!!

  3. Maddo

    I can’t lie. Because I always look at pictures before I read, my first thought was “Awwww, Yael’s cooking Bryan a victory dinner!!”

  4. tosha

    uhm … oh goodness … maybe if you show us what the back of the apron-ish shirt looks like but … no, i’m afraid that won’t help… hmm. maybe all its missing is a little bedazzled!

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