vampire weekend

What a crazy name for a post. Just think of the possibilities for our Friday-Sunday.

In fact, the greatest husband on earth (this week at least) scored some tix after a month of trying, to the sold-out Vampire Weekend concert in London on Saturday night.

This band is straight heron to my bloodstream (because I know what that feels like). I know I will regret saying that – seeing as how I am pretty sure their songs have already been played on episodes of FNL and in that Nick and Norah movie that I wish would come to the UK. And if there was any doubt that I am a super-whitey, Stuff White People Like already named the band the whitest band going.

I have a crush on the lead singer, natch. He looks 13- actually sometimes he is a dead ringer for Fred Savage circa The Wonder Years. Except swap out Kevin Arnold’s Jewfro for that ubiquitous hairstyle all the young boys now rock. The one like Zac Efron that boys between the ages of 13 and 25 have perfected with a controlled sweepy shag thing. We got close to the stage so I kept taking pictures of cute Ezra.

Because the band semi-recently graduated Columbia together it’s so romantic for me to imagine the bohemian intellectual incubator their music must have developed in. Or the posh, ivy-covered snobbery of it all. Whatever it was, it was different than my four years at a mid-tier, mid-sized public state university with an active Greek life. I wonder sometimes if my ex-boyfriend regrets that Sigma Chi tattoo he got on his ankle framed in a glowing green Shamrock (apparently he is like 1/10th Irish). Maybe by now he has a Tasmanian Devil on his shin, just to balance everything out.

Anyway. Not sure my favorite Vampire Weekend song, but enjoy for now:



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7 responses to “vampire weekend

  1. onegulpstories

    Sometimes I feel we were twins separated at birth 🙂

  2. Josh

    Bet that was a great show, nice. Yael, did anyone in London notice there was an NFL game played there yesterday? Or did it get a collective yawn from fans of the real ‘football’?

  3. yael

    Oh yeah- the NFL game was big. Was shown live on BBC2. And there were clearly American fans that had flown in for it. A few of them in their Saints jerseys were downing pints outside a pub near us on Saturday. We could have gone (lots of people were offering to sell us tix) but Bryan only likes to pay to see the Jets. Otherwise how else would he endanger his blood pressure?

  4. tosha

    sweeeeeeeeet! loved the dig on the ex. by the way, they did NOT air the saints game here in cali which was strange and disappointing and we thot a very sad omission in their marketing effort. but i did see a commercial on espn for dtv or widescreen tvs or something and the dude looks JUST LIKE bryan caplin! every time it came on i whispered, “bryan?” could you hear me?

  5. fatmatt

    I got rid of the shamrock. now I just have a faded tat of simba and nala.

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