who knew

I had no idea the sheer volume and breadth of celebrity sightings you have all been hiding. Not that I mean for it to be a contest- but well, isn’t everything?

So after the obvious eliminations (doesn’t count if you saw a famous person because you went to their concert, sporting event, movie premiere or worked for them or their family [Jeremy, Margaret!]), we are down to the true unexpected sightings. Andrew McCarthy is good if he looked like he was plucked straight out of St. Elmo’s Fire circa 1985. Anyone from Arrested Development obviously rules. Did you see Sr on Entourage the other night? Big from Sex and the City is disqualified because my friend Meredith used to see him every week in NY for like 2 years straight. He was so desperate to be noticed. B-list celebrities with pooping dogs is fun. But I think Summer might lead with Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Because funny always wins. Each and every time.

A few weeks ago we arrived at work to be informed that there was a neighborhood power outage and only half the computers and office lights would be running on generators. It was kind of funny at first, especially because my lowness on the corporate totem pole meant my computer was not chosen for reserve power. Yay! When I later went to the ladies room, I was greeted by a sign saying “Because of the power situation, the bathroom is very dark. Torches will be provided for your convenience.”


So I said (to myself), what is this, the new season of Survivor: 9th Floor Ladies Room? And we all have to follow the torches to tribal council located by the tampon machine? How do we decide who gets voted off the floor? I mean, the new American hire with cheap drugstore pantyhose is obviously an easy target. And the torches seem so dangerous in this enclosed space of toilet stalls. Ultimately I chose a bathroom on a different floor. I wanted to see Jeff Probst and all… I just didn’t want to be voted off so soon.

So fast forward to this morning when my (least) favorite morning DJs woke me to a (not) fascinating conversation about this weekend’s daylight savings time and whether the dark is dangerous (if I haven’t mentioned it before, because of London’s latitude, the summer daylight is very long and the winter daylight shorter than one would like). So the woman DJ starts declaring that, that’s it, she is going to carry a torch everywhere she goes. Which then led to some product placement discussion for Energizer…

Oh I get it now. Torch means flashlight.

I will eventually be fluent in this language.



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2 responses to “who knew

  1. triniis

    i love learning the “new language” from you. torch! that is super cute! i will use that from now on. thanks yael!

  2. Pleban

    I demand a recount

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