i’m too sexy for this blog

I lived in New York City for 5 1/2 years. Summer has lived there one year. But in one quarter of the time she has seen double the celebrities. Where is the justice?

After canceling out the two we’ve both seen and canceling out lame reality tv people…

Yael’s sightings

Summer’s sightings

Honestly though- Bryan wins.

Have a better one?



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23 responses to “i’m too sexy for this blog

  1. Rebecca

    I win b/c I once saw Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox (each of whom were the size of my hand), Jeanne Tripplehorn (played Tom Cruise’s wife in the Firm), James Woods, Gabrielle Reece, and most importantly….Carrot Top.

  2. yael

    Jeanne Tripplehorn is awesome because she is in Big Love.

    Don King still crushes the Friends girls… mostly because when Bryan saw him at an NYC steakhouse, he was wearing a bedazzled jean jacket, waving a flag and declaring “Only in America! “Only in America!”

  3. Sarah

    Josh has had lots of good sightings – Hugh Grant, Steve Martin, Steven Spielberg. We’ve had a few good sightings together, too – highlights include Sandra Bullock (Josh started a conversation with her – “You used to babysit me.” True story), Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes. We saw Andrew McCarthy a few months ago and I was transformed in to a giggling 12-year old girl. In follow up to your post re Bryan’s lookalike, Josh would like you to post the Dr. Delivery commercial that Bryan starred in.

  4. triniis

    you guys are so cool. i have never seen anyone but jesse jackson on the plane to st. croix.


  5. Rebecca

    ooh ooh and one time I saw Dick Cheney! He was going into the SAME building where my dentist was.

  6. poren

    I love this post. I am totes jel, 6+ years in NYC and like 4 sightings. I think bruce willis was the most high profile even though I literally live across the street from Madonna’s Kaballah center. No joke. But, greg and i did see alec baldwin in east hampton this summer, and greg gives me a “be cool” look as if 1) I would not be cool, please, and 2) really? I would not be cool around alec baldwin?? I have reminded him of this on several occasions;)

  7. Margaret

    I once helped Ahhhhnold S. shove some haagen daas in before catching his private plane off of cape cod. Oh yeah, and I did his laundry.

  8. Jeremy

    Don King was, at one time, our client. I am completely willing to violate the attorney-client privilege…. Just call me! (just kidding)

  9. Pleban

    My own personal favorite NYC sighting was George Bluth Sr. – in a Grammercy grocery store.

    I would give my left arm to run into Buster though (get it? Buster? He lost his hand? oh nevermind).

  10. G. Steinbrenner… I was toting a 2 year old named Bryan and 7 months pregnant. He said, “Hey mama”!
    Joe Namath in his mink in his day!

  11. G Steinbrenner..I was toting a 2 year old named Bryan and 7 months pregnant on my way to Tampa. He said, “Hey Mama!”

  12. Lindsay

    It’s pretty sad that the only famous person that I ever recall seeing is Big from Sex in the City! Lame if you ask me.

  13. mira

    I was on a plane with Morgan Freeman and Renee Zellweger once (at the same time). And I was also on a plane once with Joe Gibbs (former coach of the Redskins).

    But my big question is…Summer saw Jeremy Beck (bottom row, guy in the middle with the jacket and blonde hair)??

  14. Josh

    This post was just to show off your celeb scrapbooking skills right?

    The last time I was in NYC I saw the woman from ER, Maura Tierney. Her dog was taking a poop. I took a photo right then so I could sell it to US Weekly for the section “SEE THEY ARE JUST LIKE US!”

  15. big pipes

    actually, the dr delivery commercial is my favorite commercial of all time. bryan’s acting skills, your bro’s directing skills (and i believe voice over). i swear they still show that thing at 2 in the morning in arlington.

  16. Bryan

    Look – The Doctor is most definitely still in. And the company’s annual revenues doubled after that commercial started running. Skillzzzzz.

    So Yael left out my three favorite star sightings:

    Laura Bush & the Bush Twins coming out of the Soho Hotel.

    David Cross on a bicycle in New Orleans.

    And the best of all-time: Jessica Simpson, sitting across from me on the USAir Shuttle, reading a copy of US magazine, with one Jessica Simpson on the cover.

  17. A-MOR

    What fun comparing celeb sightings. My fave of all time is Shaquille O’Neal in the Bahamas. I almost died when my mom went over to say hello until he whispered in my ear that he thought my mom was “fly.” Another fun one was Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick on the 6 train. I laughed when the guy standing next to me asked if we should ask him to play “six degrees of kevin bacon.”

  18. Maddo

    I saw Kyra on the A train at 1am. cheers to her public transport spirt!! marc walberg kept checkin out how much i was benching at the equinox; i think he felt bad for me. does ethan hawke count as a celebrity still? and how can you not see harvey keitel in tribeca?? thats like not seeing the big statue on liberty island.

  19. A-MOR

    Maddo – half of my celeb sightings have been at equinox – Gwyneth Paltrow on treadmill, Chad Lowe on stretching mat, Liv Tyler in Pilates, Malcolm Gladwell waiting for a machine, and Ben Stiller and his wife at the entrance – deciding whether or not to work out or get a shake, I think. Which equinox do you frequent? Let all us blog readers know, so we can have a Maddo-celeb sighting.

  20. mira

    I think new york celebrity sightings in new york don’t count. or they should only count 50%. I am even willing to give up my sighting of Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams outside of their apartment (next door to Yael & Bryan’s old place) for that assertion.

  21. Ney Ney

    James Brown at the Stage Deli and I refuse to give him up.

  22. farrell

    Umm… this is late, but I served citron and soda to jenna bush to the point that she snap-beckoned the waitress and table danced a couple of years ago, and sat near zach braff while he entertained sissy spacek’s daughter, skyler. and all in charlottesville. also, stephen colbert.

    also, hello yael. i dig your blog the most, and am thinking about recommending it to summer’s 6th grade nephew, who is my STUDENT!

  23. tosha

    uhm, sandra bullock doesn’t count bc she never gave any shout outs to w-l or ms. crazy lady drama teacher when she got famous. i saw adam from counting crows picking up some ethiopian food on telegraph in berkeley. i saw dennis rodman in miami. i saw sammy from ‘days of our lives’ on my flight home from kaui. daniel day lewis at the kennedy center. does a fundraiser count? if so, i met: the fonz, dan the mean dad from one tree hill, gabby reese, wanda sikes, brooke burke, seth green, travis birkenstock from clueless, punky brewster, joey mcintyre from nkotb, lisa leslie, wierd al, wesley from the princess bride, and rick shroeder who after he asked my name said, “i like natosha.”

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