the registration also includes a Corpse Repatriation Fee

I honestly think the most insane and dangerous thing I willingly do in my life is to eat expired food. I actually do that quite a bit.

Ricky on the other hand (our American friend here in London) leaves today to run 155 miles (250km) in the Sahara Desert during 6 straight days while carrying all the food he will eat for the entire week on his back. He will sleep in a tent each night and sometimes wake up with fifty miles to run that day. He will also carry any other gear he needs, his water will be rationed each day and must be portioned out for cooking freeze-dried meals, drinking and washing. His shoes have been covered in material that prevents sand from entering and he will sometimes wear glasses to keep the sand out of his eyes. Once someone got disoriented during a sandstorm in this race and survived drinking the moisture from his pack of baby wipes.

The Sahara Race is the third in a series of four desert races spanning four continents that only a few hundred people in the world will ever complete. Ricky has trained over 1,000 miles, has lost 25 lbs and has calculated the exact amount of calories from freeze-dried foods and supplements he needs to stay alive every day. He did this while working full-time at Bryan’s company and not curbing his social life one bit. It makes me a little ashamed that I barely have the energy each night to fast forward commercials on my DVR. You know how sometimes the fast-forward goes as fast as one arrow, but sometimes as fast as four. But then by accident you go too far and then you have to rewind because you missed part of the show. It’s so annoying.

I am not so much in awe of what Ricky is doing physically (I definitely think he is a little crazy)… I am in awe that he decided to do something so ridiculously hard.



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2 responses to “the registration also includes a Corpse Repatriation Fee

  1. Maddo

    As great as what your friend is doing, I was distracted during the entire read as I remininced of you feeding me expired cookies and expired sour cream (not together, that would be gross) in Brooklyn. [insert shedded tear]

  2. yael

    I tried to sneak some expired feta cheese into this chicken dish for Bryan on Tuesday night but alas… the smell overpowered me.

    Maddo- if your Smirnoff bottle hasn’t arrived at your apt yet, then some postal workers are drinking it.

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