hold on because this one will blow your mind

Not really.

In London, the “City” refers to an actual geographically small city within greater London. It represents the original borders of the city like 5 million years ago- but now is just one tiny part of the city as a whole. The City of London, amazingly enough, still has its own mini-government by a non-party Corporation and handles its own municipal services and police, even though it’s only a square mile in area. Within its limits are St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower Bridge, Swiss Re’s ‘The Gherkin’, Fleet Street and one of the most important financial centres in the world. City people are like Wall Street people I guess. I certainly see my fair share of cufflinks throughout the day.

I learned once on a bus tour (Bus tours can be very fun and informative. If you make fun of them, I feel bad for you. Because you probably also hate puppies and face painting and singalongs) that the borders of the original City are still guarded to this day by statues of Dragons. It took me many weeks at my job before I realized during my harried walk to and from the tube, that I was passing a Dragon each day. It turns out my office is just within the borders of this historical core of London. And honestly, it makes me smile every day.

And you are welcome for that little lesson. Tune in tomorrow when we discuss in detail the series of military conflicts which marked George III’s long reign.



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3 responses to “hold on because this one will blow your mind

  1. Rebecca

    actually that was interesting. I remember going to the City when I was in London once when I was going to see St Paul’s, which was beautiful. I had lunch at some little sandwich place near the Cathedral and it consisted of a gross mayo-laden sandwich. So do you work in the City?

  2. Ney Ney

    Don’t just gloss over the siege of Havana, please, as so many are wont to do.

  3. tosha

    here Raiders’ gear sometimes reads, “The City”, the city of course being Oakland. whoop whoop! hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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