white people are NOT trash!

Just when I was in a great mood because I realized how proud we all are to come from the birthplace of McDonald’s and cheerleaders… my brother has to go and send me this:

Without Jon Stewart’s levity and exaggerated facial expressions, it’s just effing depressing.

Since none of you ingrates tried to guess who I voted for, I will go ahead and announce to this world of three readers: I wrote in Piper Palin on my absentee ballot. There’s just something about her that makes me feel like she will stand up for America and all its lofty and noble ideals.



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5 responses to “white people are NOT trash!

  1. It’s really great for Al Jezeera to show the Muslim work white America’s fear of Muslims. Almost so great that I took your obvious joke about voting for anyone other than the Democratic candidate seriously.

  2. yael

    If you must know, I wrote John McCain’s name in on the ballot one of the times Bill Clinton was running. I guess we could say I am a bit dangerous. Gobama.

  3. Nilda

    didn’t mama teach little Palin that giving the bird was a sin! what horrible Christians! LOL

  4. Virg

    Oh that was depressing and scary all at the same time. Though yes, Piper is demonstrating some spunk!

  5. charamella08

    i just left you a comment from a july entry regarding my mishap. thank you. you are a great writer…

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