we’re dynamite we’re dynamite we’re tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM dynamite


You wouldn’t believe the things your brain does when you’re an American abroad. Bryan and I “happened” to catch Bring It On on tv here the other day. I actually caught myself staring at the screen quizzically thinking: oh wait, yeah, only America has cheerleaders. Weird.

Like it never would have occurred to me before. I guess these are the very important things we don’t analyze when we’re in our own country. Like I would never be walking through a mall in East Suburbsville, U.S.A. and accuse a friend of being “so American.” But that’s one thing I like about the English. They will actually describe someone else as being “very English.” I never know if it’s an insult or compliment but it makes me laugh at the apparent self-awareness of the culture.

In other important news, Josh alerted me that our hometown -Arlington, VA- is apparently the greatest place to live on earth. This concerns me because first it’s the yuppies and their soy lattes (the nerve) and the next thing you know they’ll start tearing down the McDonald’s to make room for 8 more Pottery Barns and Crate and Barrels. And if you take away McDonald’s, where on earth do you expect my future children to get drunk underage and page each other? What, at Pier 1 or something?? PUH-lease.

And oh, to be this creative.



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12 responses to “we’re dynamite we’re dynamite we’re tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM dynamite

  1. big pipes

    remember when we returning to school from lunch at the McDonald’s on Wilson and chris wren threw an orange soda through a 1 inch crack in a speeding valdez window and it exploded on sean…….i don’t because while i was using the restroom at McDonald’s i got left behind like Macaulay Culkin……i definitely remeber how pissed off sean was though…..once i saw him again after walking two miles back to school.

  2. Sonjey

    Tick, tick, tick, tick, boom, dynamite is just one of the many cheers my cheerleaders do!!! Same uniforms on the left. Am I so American??

  3. Rebecca

    remember the time at McDonald’s when Mira yelled at some guy who was talking to one of us and all of a sudden all the guys were fighting. That was fun.

  4. I’ve never quite put my finger on it, so reading this post has been a moment of revelation. Yes, yes, yes! Self-awareness. That’s it. That’s what we Brits are and you Americans aren’t.

    Except I’m clearly not a very good example of it, or I’d have noticed before.

  5. mdouris

    Does it speak poorly of me that I was equally as excited to see a snapshot of bring it on, as I was to know that you got to exercise you’re right to vote already? Perhaps you can come up with a ‘dynamite’ cheer about voting.

  6. Maddo

    When I was in the Peace Corps, Bring it On was, somehow became the most important bridge to our beloved homeland in the extensive volunteer library of movies and literature. Maybe it was because we could now identify living under a dictator [‘This isnt a democracy, it’s a cheer-ocracy’]. In any case, it’s the pooh…take a big whiff.

  7. Josh

    Me and 3 friends got into a brawl inside the McDonalds on Wilson with 4 guys from Yorktown (I think, but then again I went to HS in PA, so I didn’t really know). It spilled out into the parking lot and ended up including a trucker looking guy who just pulled up and tried to stop it, but then ended up joining our team..

    Anyway from then on we referred to the incident as McRumble.

  8. I don’t think the “so British” thing is either complimentary or derogatory, just descriptive commentary. “So American” is definitely a put-down though!

  9. Jeremy

    Yael – I just at some McNuggets for lunch in your honor. We’ll that isn’t really true… but I thought about it.

  10. yael

    You all made my day. I remember everything about McDonald’s, including when Mira tried to say they used fake pickles. No such thing.

    I love cheerleaders. Even the ones at my high school who melted their eyeliner with cigarette lighters so they could get more on the eyelid.

    Do Peace Corps volunteers also teach the local peoples spirit fingers?

    McRumble is funny.

    McNuggets are good.

  11. mira

    I said something about fake pickles?! Rain Man memory fails me. I do remember yelling at the elderly man in the McD driveway who I thought was inappropriately harrassing us but turns out was just asking for directions 😦

    Yael, I can only say “penarles” when I have peanuts on my sundaes. That’s from the McDonalds at the food court at Ballston Commons in maybe 9th grade? If you remember that, you win.

  12. toshalot

    i never melted my eyeliner in h.s. i did in jr. high but not in h.s. AND i remember after the first pep rally jr year when we did the dance routine to ‘boom i got your boyfriend’ i went home to your house and you, summer and becky insisted i teach you all the dance. you all quickly gave up and we went to mcdonald’s for happy meals instead.

    mcRumble IS so funny.

    we had cheerleaders in hondu at the grade school but they wore their regular school uniforms and sat on the sideline and ate chips and drank orange sodas. there were no cheers … i guess as a peace corps vol i should’ve taught them some … but instead i just ate chips and drank orange soda with them. and this is why i got my first cavity while a peace corps vol.

    wait, this isn’t my blog, is it?

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