where do i even begin

I once wrote about our beautiful friends who got married this summer in Canada. They decided to celebrate the event with a party this past weekend at their home in Richmond. I could think of 200 reasons why I shouldn’t fly from London to Virginia for a weekend, but none of them made me feel good. It was so fun to surprise them at the party- it was worth every moment of sleep deprivation on my redeye back. Mira & Abbie, of course, had the kind of wedding party where a stage is built in the backyard for all their talented musician friends and family to perform. It sort of reminded me of me and Bryan’s friends, except take away all the gifted musical talent.

I enlisted my mom in the surprise and we spent the earlier part of the day having this famous pedicure where little fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Northern Virginia is so cutting edge.

Bryan stayed back in Brooklyn with our friend Greg who was in town. They had “boy time”. Which means their weekend was lame and I don’t even have to blog about it.



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9 responses to “where do i even begin

  1. Amy

    You’re an amazing friend!

  2. If it wasn’t for the photos, I ‘d have thought you were joking about the pedicure and the fish. Very cutting edge.

  3. kate

    oh my gosh! they are doing a special on abc right now about the fish and the pedicures! it is on the show – “The Doctors”. Crazy!
    Also- it is amazing you went home for that!

  4. Rachel

    It was so great to have you there, Yael!!! I love how you won’t let the Atlantic Ocean stand in the way of true friends =).

    Enjoy London, even the bad food!!

  5. Rebecca

    what a wonderful weekend. So glad you and Renee surprised us. PS I kick ASS at drums.

  6. Ney Ney

    It was a magical weekend, all around. I went to Whole Foods this morning and stuck my feet in the lobster tank, but it just wasn’t the same….

  7. Josh

    That fish thing was just banned in Seattle for some reason. I think it was sanitation, but knowing Seattle’s outlook on life and also Yael’s feet maybe it was just cruelty to animals

    Mom, your post was hilarious. I actually pictured you putting your feet in the Whole Foods lobster tank.

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  8. Virg

    I can’t believe I know people who have had undergone this tres chic pedicure. WOW. Its very much the buzz around here! Here’s to good friends!!!!

  9. tosha

    uhm, renee looks 28 and you look 14 in that fish foot picture.

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