you shouldn’t be reading this

You should be busy commemorating Christopher Columbus Day. Which is the day that represents the historical event that allowed the Americans to murder a lot of people and rule over the world. And ultimately allowed the same country to promote mortgage lending to high-risk borrowers. I never had a boss that gave us this day off. But I heard it’s nice. So enjoy. Unless you live in Berkeley, CA. Then today is called Indigenous People’s Day. F***ing hippies.

Speaking of America, I am just back from a voyage of 48 hours there. It is a tale I will tell tomorrow. Until then, I will never forget you 1492.



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7 responses to “you shouldn’t be reading this

  1. Jeremy

    I’m glad you brought it up. I called my landlord today to let him know that the buzzer (doorbell) in my brownstone is broken. Landlord said, “ok, i’ll get to it in the next few days…but you realize that you’re calling me on a holiday…” I responded, “are you serious? Columbus Day?…. What is this, like Christmas Eve or something?”
    Moral of the story – my buzzer will never be fixed. Give me a call when you are downstairs so i know you are there….

  2. It’s one of those strange holidays that only exists if you work for the government. NO ONE else had it off but federal employees, it seems!

  3. Joe

    If by “high-risk borrowers” you mean the rich, I completely agree. If by “high-risk borrowers” you mean the poor, I completely disagree. From Slate’s Daniel Gross: Lending money to poor people doesn’t make you poor. Lending money poorly to rich people does.

    But I better watch out here, I’m in danger of getting too far into a field that I don’t know much about…which brings us back to Columbus….

  4. yael

    Jeremy that is hilarious. I cannot believe your landlord used C Day as an excuse. Is he Italian??

    Joe, for facts I read Wikipedia. For opinions I read blogs. So bring on all the Modern Jacka**es. I am one of them as are you!

  5. tosha

    well, i didn’t know what the hell holiday it was on monday, but i got it off because i work for gavin, and i was happy and i went to a dive bar at noon with friends and 2 dogs and we got in a bar fight when frank called jerry a squatter and the bartender thot he was calling him a squatter and then jeannie told him he wasn’t a squatter but he was the WORST bartender she’d ever seen. we left the bar drunk at about 1:30pm having insulted everyone in the modest neighborhood watering hole, stumbled home and made tacos. btw, it was NOT a parking meter holiday which sucked bc you need neighborhood stickers to park everywhere in berkeley and oakland. woohoo! when’s the next government holiday?!

  6. yael

    Stories about squatter accusations are funny to me. Mostly, I am insanely jealous you made tacos. I would do a lot for one right now. It borders on indecent.

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