are you smelling what i’m stepping in?

My younger brother Micah taught me that expression. Eldred is his middle name. Goes well with Alfred and Goldie so apparently we are actually all related.

He emailed me the other day to tell me he would be coming to London for a visit in the spring and that he would be “dropping pounds all over the city like i’m jenny craig”.

I have been thinking a lot about Micah lately. And beyond the normal frequent thinking I do about my family members whom I love dearly and miss constantly. Although I sanction our far-flungness because it just makes us more awesome.

Today is Micah’s birthday, so here I go.

To the average bystander he is the warmest, most engaging and hilariously memorable person that anyone ever meets. I have college friends I haven’t spoken to in a decade that still ask me how he’s doing. All my mom’s middle-aged neighbors had crushes on him. He’s just that kind of guy. The kind that will water your plants, buy you a case of beer, and make you play-wrestle with his golden retriever, Lola.

To my family he is that too. And then he is more.  He’s also the guy that bought his own house right out of college and renovates himself. In his spare time. And knows every single person his age in Charleston. And wore the same pair of tennis shoes every, single day for three years and didn’t start wearing flip flops until he was 27. When I gave him a pair. And won’t go to the doctor. But will go to music festivals and crabfests. And hosted Thanksgiving and made us a low-country boil and a deep-fried turkey. And loves rap and drives a pick-up truck. He claims for work. And loves the Redskins and girls and would wear a dickey if someone gave him one. And wore a red turtleneck to Thanksgiving one year, at least 15 years after they were in fashion. And hates shopping for clothes but will watch me shop for clothes because he’s just polite that way. And organized an annual golf tournament in Charleston to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club and convinced hot, young girls to work the beer cart for free. (Well, for beer.) And remembers my mom’s birthday is May 5 but tricks her every year anyway by leaving her a voicemail that says: Do you know what TODAY is? It’s CINCO DE MAYO!! And with my brother Josh made bricks and a wall for my dad and stepmom’s garden. And when I see the bricks and wall I think of my brothers. And pretended to hate the digital age until he bought a laptop and Blackberry and any day now we will finally see him on Facebook. And uses a 35mm camera. Which may just be my favorite thing of all.

We’re similar in a lot of ways. Mostly we struggle to take a normal photograph together. I am not sure one exists.



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7 responses to “are you smelling what i’m stepping in?

  1. Margaret

    Happy Birthday Micah! Even older-school Lyon Village peeps ask after you. 🙂

  2. triniis

    Your brother sounds like a catch! too bad im married : )

  3. Ney Ney

    One of the best questions I ever asked in my life was “Should we go for a third?” and luckily for the world, the answer was “Sure.” Happy Birthday, Baby.

  4. mira

    i just looked up micah in the dictionary and the synonym was sweetest person ever. happy birthday pretend little brother!

    i love you even though you still tease me about travelling all the way to london for soccer and getting 2nd place.

  5. tosha

    ahhh. my fave thing about micah is when he was short and i was tallest he let me pick him up and squeeze him in my arms in front of his friends and and and would always kindly reassure me that he would marry me when he got to be as tall as me.

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