babies babies babies (and um, politics)

Do NOT be alarmed by this picture my sister-in-law took. She just knows a lot of new mommies. (I think you’re supposed to call them “mommy” when they’re new.) Amazing that only my nephew is able to sit up straight.

This picture made me laugh, along with all the other ones I get sent on a regular basis. We have so many friends with kids or pregnant at any given time, I keep track of due dates on a piece of paper. And frankly, these people keep me so entertained with baby pictures, I barely need to have my own.

How is this face even possible?

Faux-hawk. Really?

I love when babies inadvertently give you the finger.

Speaking of babies, my friend Marlene just had an adorable one named Riley. Marlene was one of my best friends when we were in elementary school, and through the miracle that is Facebook I get to have a piece of her back in my life. I kind of stalked her the other day and looked at all her pics. Shhhh. Anyway, Marlene passed the following along to me as an important Public Service Announcement that should be shared: everyone where we grew up is a Communist for supporting Obama. Where is Senator McCarthy when you really need him? No wait, it says every Obama supporter is a closet racist. It turns out Northern Virginia is satan’s playground. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!!

On that note you closeted racists, clean out those closets by selling your sh*t to Paulson.



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4 responses to “babies babies babies (and um, politics)

  1. Marlene

    Hee! Thanks. Stalk away, I think Riley is a keeper.

  2. kate

    I love that Andie is the star who flicks off the camera! She’s a rebel already!

  3. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh! I wish you had prepared for me this post because now I am all emotional and all oohing and ahing over all the baby pics when I am supposed to be working.

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