hodge podge

I meant to report that on Friday night we had a Big Night Out with friends. This particular combo of friends always ensures a good time. By good time I mean posing for photos behind the sheer curtains at the Sanderson Hotel.

The night was notable for a a few things- one being it was the first time this season I had to bring out my scarf and gloves. I haven’t fully processed how that makes me feel. Um nervous.


Earlier in the day the girls were emailing about our outfits. Caroline mentioned she would have to take a cab because her hot shoes would never survive a walk. I nodded in sisterly support. I mean look, if I ever had hot shoes I would feel the same way. So when we got to our first stop, the Charlotte Street Hotel, I made sure to compliment her black suede ankle boot stiletto things.

It wasn’t until hours later upon leaving Roka, that I actually screamed in shock down the sidewalk, Wait! Caroline! Are your shoes RED UNDERNEATH?????? Why yes she replied. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU OWN A PAIR OF CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES. I CANNOT BELIEVE SOMEONE I KNOW HAS LOUBOUTIN SHOES. I was really impressed. The sheer delicious madness of it all. I love it! Although, between you and me, I am over Oprah wearing Louboutin heels every day. You know why? Because when your guest is sitting next to you blubbering about how she ran over her 3 adopted dogs with her SUV, it’s not tasteful to have that naughty flash of red screaming, I’m rich. I’m rich. I’MMMMMMM RICHHHHHHHHHHHH.

In other news, Bryan was upset I didn’t post the hottest picture of him from Brighton.



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3 responses to “hodge podge

  1. sonjey

    I want those boots….. among other things!!!

  2. Rebecca

    here is the post where you brag about your friend who owns shoes from Target? Hypothetically speaking of course.

  3. mira

    I totally have those shoes.

    ha ha.

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