eid + smirnoff

I am totally ignorant to Muslim holidays. Shame on me. Last night a friend from Bryan’s work had some people over as surrogate family to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. Faisal and Habiba have been fasting for a month which makes me feel like maybe I shouldn’t brag that I can do it for one day for Yom Kippur.

The homemade food was delicious and the company lovely. Mostly though everyone just wanted a piece of Ameera.

As for yesterday’s vodka contest, the results are in:

  • babcocks7: props for being first
  • Matt: I appreciate a drunk, I do- and for being a new commenter, he gets the bonus bottle
  • Pleban: I drew his name first but he wants a PM Dawn cd
  • triniis: I like the repetition in the comment- I will have to think of a good consolation prize
  • poren: gets a freeze-dried latke
  • mira: was on to something with bribing me with our exquisite shared music taste. If you had said Cypress Hill, it would have been ON
  • Brian: everyone knows The Dark Crystal is better
  • Nilda: tell your husband to live blog the VP debate
  • Josh: my brother definitely gets something special for the astonishing amount of knowledge he has about my family tree. Am I in this family??
  • Maddo: almost got disqualified for dissing Smirnoff, but his love for PM Dawn saved him…plus I drew your name after Pleban’s. Congratulations!
  • Grace: we can totally have tea
  • Snosh: um, only you can answer if you’re on drugs or not. But Sam & Erica are in London for a week for his work
  • NFAH: you almost had me with the no-customs thing. But I think I should send you some nasty Old Speckled Hen instead. VIVA LA BRITAIN!
  • Farg: I am worried James Frey would steal the bottle from you

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