a secular version of a jewish high holy day

This was our Rosh Hashanah:

Mostly what you need to know is the exceptional potato latkes I made. You know I am not one to bring attention to myself or anything but HELLO THEY WERE SO GOOD. So be a Jew for the day and make some. (Oh and what’s really weird is I couldn’t find apple sauce in the GD English supermarket 1/2 hour before everyone was coming over. So I made my own. WHO MAKES HOMEMADE APPLESAUCE??? That’s right. Superwoman.)



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5 responses to “a secular version of a jewish high holy day

  1. I think Motts could make a killing if they started marketing their apple sauce in Britain. It is weird that we don’t have that. I guess we do indeed just make our own, but those little tubs would be great for kids’ packed lunches etc.

  2. Rebecca

    you are adorable. congrats on your super good latkes and homemade applesauce.

  3. Farg

    …and Margaret! She also makes home made applesauce (and even writes in 3rd person about it). While you are Superwoman east of the Atlantic, I will now claim Superwoman west of the Atlantic.

  4. yael

    Funny Iota, I almost bought baby food…

    Farg, you are even more spectacular because you make it homemade by *choice*.

  5. Growing up Dutch in the midwest, my favorite thing in the world was “potato pancakes” with applesauce at the local “Pannekoeken Huis” restaurant. I guess I now know where this came from–sorry to be culturally ignorant but I truly had no idea.

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