hap-py new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just thought this post needed one more exclamation point.

Obviously I did not win EuroMillions since I am blogging and not on a yacht in the Caribbean. Confession: I never bought a ticket. I meant to though.

Our weekend was good but was capped off with the bittersweet deja vu of the Mets choking before the playoffs. Good riddance Shea. You can keep your creepy apple in a top hat too. My favorite thing about this picture is that Bryan is seated watching the Mets and the Jets simultaneously while IMing our friend Jeremy about the Mets and you’ll see with your eagle eye he is wearing a Jets jersey and a Mets hat. The hat has been inverted upwards in some weird voodoo-like attempt to get a win. What’s important about him being seated is that at this particular moment he is not screaming or sprinting across the room. But he is giving himself an ulcer. You can do that sitting down.

According to the Hebrew calendar, today marks the start of the year 5769. And not to start a religious debate between me and my trusty four readers or anything, but I guess it’s nice to know there are some calendars that believe there were humans before Jesus. And I am not talking the BC version with its complicated backwards-counting algebra. Anyway, that’s all I’m saying. Nothing controversial. Just nice to have a few different calendars floating around.

Now go have some apples and honey to celebrate the sweetness of the new year. Oh, and in addition to the Jews controlling the banks, the media and Hollywood… we’re also FUNNY! Yep, we control humor. And humour too. We’re funny on multiple continents.

Gotta bring this one out once a year:



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4 responses to “hap-py new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Jeremy

    I’m still not over this collapse. Kind of feels like putting down a sick dog – you know it had to happen but you are sad about it anyway. I’m sure the Mets will still disappoint us in CitiField but at least the food will be better…
    In all events, good to watch the game with you Bry….

  2. sonjey

    saw one of the best games on Saturday and one of the worst games on Sunday…. Oh well, I’ll always be a fan, and yes, yes, yes…. Sat tickets at CitiField!

  3. Farg

    Is this anything like Patrick’s entire mental health being disrupted/enhanced by the Brewers’ games? If so, I feel your pain.

  4. Joe

    wait, there was life before jesus? dangit, you’re blowing my mind here. 🙂

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