little britain usa

Little Britain is hilarious. And now Matt Lucas and David Walliams have brought their unprecedented brilliance to the U.S. And they do better American accents than us. Oh please, please, please give them a try on HBO this coming Sunday, Sept. 28.

HBO with YouTube has blocked me from posting a video preview since I am NOT IN THE RIGHT COUNTRY. But if your “internets” in in America, you can look up the videos yourself. You will laugh and you can thank me later.

“Haych”. That’s the way you pronounce the letter “h” in British English. I will never get used to it.

It’s not all silent-style and I get thrown off like the time I walked into a garden store and asked if they sell “herb gardens.” The man looked puzzled and I realized his delay was because I left the “h” silent in “herb.” The English don’t do that. They say the “h” full and proud. Herb, like Herbert. This lamb is hhhhherby and delicious.

I get the heebie jeebies a little when someone calls (rings) me at work and says they’re from “H”R. Just when I finally realized that when I am spelling something out, I have to remember to say “zed” for “z”, I now have to remember “haych” too. Sigh city. Sigh.



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2 responses to “little britain usa

  1. We are really looking forward to the new Little Britain series, too, and I think it’s starting over here next week?

    I’m anxious to read the reviews and see what they think of it back in the “homeland”.


  2. Hm. Most people say “aytch” and not “haytch”. It’s a regional thing and maybe an educational background thing too.

    But zed, definitely.

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