as promised

After an overwhelming response of comments yesterday (I had to stay up all night just reading them), I am supposed to write about the following:

  • a day in the life
  • upcoming travel plans
  • Becky and possibly Brian (from his cryptic comment)
  • the new 90210
  • my boobs in the gray sweater

Here goes.

A Day in The Life (excluding work)

Bryan leaves the house 2 hours before I wake up. He kisses me and tells me later that it’s his favorite part of the day because I don’t really talk.

My alarm goes off to the BBC where 90% of the time I hate what they are talking about, but I am afraid to move the dial in case I can never pick up another radio frequency. You know how alarm clocks are.

Press snooze an average of 6 times.

Eat cereal and simultaneously marvel that I did not start eating cereal until my 30s.

Take a shower etc.

While pulling on pantyhose, get a run and think that it would be so nice if manicures and pedicures were cheap in London.

Pull out eyeliner and mascara from make-up basket and open mascara and realize for 49th consecutive day that it is empty. Close mascara and place back in make-up basket. Why throw it out and buy a new one when we can instead have this Groundhog Day-like moment of self-loathing.

Leave for work with improper coat/umbrella combination. Will not look at weather reports until a comprehension of the Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion has been reached. Which will be never.

[This is the part where I am at work.]

Smile on tube ride home because the commute is so short and dang those British if I don’t think they’re cute every day of my life with their Maths and Quite and being very Cross.

Think fondly back to the days when I cooked fun meals for dinner. Do this while asking Bryan to order for takeaway.

Watch tv while making a mental note to read more.

Bryan’s Day in the Life

Wake up early and kiss wife and give a silent prayer of thanks to the higher power for bringing this angel down from heaven above and pinching self because can’t believe luck.

Go to work where the company and all its internal divisions and titles are acronyms.

Have a meeting.

Go to another meeting.

And then another meeting. Talk about acronyms.

More acronyms.

Eat lunch that wife has painstakingly created. It is the most delicious and nutritious lunch ever and marvel yet again that the universe bestowed such a fine spouse upon you.

Acronyms meeting.

17 more meetings.

Go home and drink scotch and read The Economist. So lucky to have perfect wife.

Upcoming travel plans

Isn’t it more fun to be surprised? Talin, Estonia, skiing in the Alps and South Africa are on the wishlist pipeline.

Becky and possibly Brian (from his cryptic comment)

I have known Becky since I was 3. The first thing that made her awesome is that she’s a twin and the latest thing that makes her awesome is she is always available to IM on gchat. In the middle of that awesomeness sandwich is so so much more.

Brian is one of several “Brians with an I” in my life. He is naturally very hilarious and also one of the few lawyers I know that I would actually want to represent me if I needed help. Sometimes when we worked together I wanted to kill him. We get along so much better in the blogosphere.

The new 90210

I confess. I have never seen it and don’t have ready access to US Weekly’s in-depth analysis. Is Kelly’s babydaddy that creepy guy that ran the Peach Pit ten years ago?

My boobs in the gray sweater

I swore I would never blog about my chest again. This is a civilized blog that my father sometimes reads. But if you must know, in those pictures the bra is padded. That’s how we do.



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9 responses to “as promised

  1. Rebecca

    This is hilarious. I am always here for you on im/gchat.

    BTW, do you know you don’t need to wear pantyhose anymore? I have stopped wearing it entirely. It’s wonderful.

  2. yael

    There is just something about this country and company that makes me think I should wear pantyhose. I am redsicovering panythose in all their shimmery, body shaping and pale skin-concealing glory. I do hope they make a U.S. comeback.

  3. Nilda

    Guess what? Sometimes when I worked with Brian I wanted to kill him too, but then I stopped working there and then suddenly we got married. Strange turn of events huh? 🙂

  4. Nilda

    p.s. Brian is a twin too – I guess he has something in common with Becky.

  5. triniis

    yes! dylan (Luke Perry) is the father. in other news! Lohan confirms she’s dated woman ‘a very long time’ ….YES!!!!

  6. poren

    Dylan! No way! Triniis that is the best new i have heard all day. I hereby commit to watch all of my dvred episodes of the new 90210 this weekend (after the presidential debate of course). That is AMAZING!!!!

    Yael, great post. I’m sorry I am your least classy comment poster- with everyone else commenting on your lovely weekend and me on your boobs. I guess every blogger needs one;)

  7. Everyone at work loves me. Let’s go over your list!

  8. Just moved to from the States to Norway a month ago…I totally relate to many of your expat experiences, but I’ve got good news for you! Easiest conversion trick EVER: just take the Celsius temp, double it and add 30. Example: Today in Hamar, Norway it’s 12 degrees…12 x 2 = 24, 24 + 30 = 54 degrees Farenheit. Voila!

  9. erica

    ha! tell bryan that michael says the EXACT same thing about loving me most in the morning because i’m sleepy and can’t speak. i never thought i talked that much, but he begs to differ

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