we grow good people in our metropolitan suburbs

Take that, SP.

One of my friends from law school, Brian, moved to Brooklyn from a Buffalo suburb. About the same time I moved from a Washington, DC suburb. Neither of us ever really got over where we were from- and both held firmly onto our old area-coded cell phones. We flew home every time there was an important family gathering and dragged our high school friends with us through the years. It took me 4 years to get a NY driver’s license and that was only when my Virginia one expired. Standing in a bar in midtown Manhattan in 2007, we revealed to each other that we were both leaving NYC – me for London and him back to Buffalo. I wasn’t surprised he went back, and I sometimes think about how happy he must be with his family, friends, football team and familiar bars.

For now, I am still loving big-city life. But in honor of my friend’s birthday, and the daydreams I have of houses and grass and trees and stars, here is the read he passed on to me. And I knew why.


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