an existential potpourri

I think Big Pipes is boycotting my blog. But we’ll still always be friends because he just…gets me:

Bryan is going to Amsterdam this weekend to see a friend from S.F. who is there on business. I don’t believe people really do “business” in Amsterdam, but whatever. I am dogsitting. So our weekends will be pretty similar.

So here’s the thing- um, I think I have to password-protect my blog. It’s obviously unwise that I am so accessible here, especially now that I am trying to be a respectable professional in the world. Lest I be dooced. I was never going to write about work. But now that I have done a mental inventory of this site, I realize there are enough body references, political references and pictures of me drinking to ensure I will never make the short list for VP. Ba dump bump. I’ll be here all night.

So now I just have to think of a good password.


(No, that’s not the password. I was just trying to be cheery.)

(And by the way, if you are secretly thinking the subject line of this post is a misguided use of the term ‘existential,’ then I really think you should take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if being so superior feels good. And then when the answer comes to you, I want you to give me a big hug. Because I need one too.)



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2 responses to “an existential potpourri

  1. big pipes

    No comments! My bearded mug scared the crap out of your readers. site visits just dropped 30%. on the plus side hot dog fans should be flocking because of the hebrew national promo with young ralph maccio look alike.

  2. A-MOR

    What a handsome guy! He’s lucky to be featured some prominently. You’re a good friend, Yael.

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