he might grow up to support the NRA, but i love him anyway

It would be so trite to write about the election, wouldn’t it? Yep, I agree. YAWN.

(Except I just want to say really quickly that I went from thinking the Republicans were the stupidest people alive for picking Sarah Palin to realizing they are the most brilliant manipulators of all time because all of the sudden nobody wants to talk about Obama anymore everyone wants to talk about Sarah Palin I am singularly obsessed with her I am reading stories about her husband racing snowmobiles for god’s sake and if you had a gun to my head I literally could not tell you that much about Joe Biden and his family and it is just pure evil genius that I now feel so defensive and protective for this woman that literally wants people to shoot abortion doctors with their legal guns and here I am all I can think about is that I want to cry that her son is shipping off to Iraq what a great Patriotic family and I am so pissed at all the women maligning her for being a working mom because FOR GOD’S SAKE men have been doing that for centuries and no one got all up in their grills about it No one said a damn word when John Edwards was going to let his wife die of cancer on his campaigning watch and it’s OKAY for Palin’s Alaskan husband to be a stay-at-home dad Isn’t that what Michael Keaton taught us in that movie with Teri Garr I think that’s her name and basically my whole entire point is that this woman that embodies some of the values of the devil to me is mildly intriguing and I am just so pissed about that Oh and one more thing I am at least glad that people from crappy state universities can still rise so high in politics Basically there is still hope for me Oh wait crap there is way too much incriminating stuff on me Okay never mind. That’s all.)

But I am happy, calm and in awe. Because this guy had me at Lall.



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12 responses to “he might grow up to support the NRA, but i love him anyway

  1. poren

    Yael. I love you, but Palin is a bad bad woman. Don’t be fooled.http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-steinem4-2008sep04,0,7541303.story

    Plus Joe Biden’s wife and infant daughter were killed in a car accident when Biden was only 29 years old and had just been elected Senator of Delaware in an unlikely victory but had yet to be sworn in. Biden decided not to serve to be with and raise his two surviving sons who had also been injured in the crash. He was convinced by Democratic greats that his country needed him which is why he ran in the first place. So he served but never moved to DC. Instead he commuted to DC taking a two hour train from Delaware and back to be with his sons every night. Palin’s got nothing on him re family values, just some Karl Rove, swift boat style black magic. Shield yourself!!!!

  2. Rebecca

    laughing hysterically. Palin is intriguing, I’ll give you that. But that’s all I’ll give you!!

  3. yael

    I’m not fooled, don’t worry. I could never vote for her. But I am still a nuanced human being that is offended that people think she is an easy target for judgments on experience and parenting. And ever-fascinated how women are our own worst enemies.

    As for Biden- I was just pointing out that the Democratic PR machine hadn’t utilized his personal narrative quite as effectively as they could have. Heartbreak sells, as we know.

  4. joe

    yeah, the outrage is more prominent in Palin’s case – after all, it seems that a special needs baby of four months and a teenage pregnancy (does the girl really want to marry the boy? and vice versa?) demand more parenting face time – but there was a line of questioning Edwards had to go through. again, not near as hard as Palin’s but he didn’t get off as easily as everyone is making it seem. i’m sure jon stewart could pull up some clips of right-winged nutheads who went off on Edwards at the time. and for the record, because my wife was one who voiced her questions about Palin’s decision to accept the VP nod, we both thought the Edwards decision wasn’t wise.

    thank goodness that polling has consistently shown over the past decade that the VP pick doesn’t really matter in the end.

    more than anything, i’m worried that The Right Winged Machine is getting to you. what has london done to the real yael?

  5. yael

    I do hope on a re-read of my post, you stop to admire all the “manipulate” “evil” and “devil” terms I dropped with respect to SP. I am simply saying (or not so simply): we can probably all agree the Republicans, for better or worse, did a good job of changing what had been a months-long love letter to Obama in the media. It’s always helpful to study the enemy, and acknowledge their craftiness.

    As for women judging women… well, that’s a national pastime. I do it myself. It’s just hard to know where the line is on the slippery slope of when someone becomes a “bad parent.” Nanny. No nanny. Working. Stay-at-home. One child. Ten children. Breast feed. Don’t. C-section. Home birth. Cultured city dweller. Home-schooled evangelical. It seems like a losing proposition all around.

  6. Nilda

    um, she attended SIX public universities (in 6 years) – I think you’ve got her beat, BIG time!

    And, as far as women judging women, I think Palin is doing just that when she decides it isn’t our right what to do with our bodies…

  7. dad

    Well honey, I told you seven days ago that this was seismic, and that the two white guys the Ds were running couldn’t compete, especially against a mixed gender ticket where both are comfortable with a variety of firearms. We sent in for our absentee ballots and we’ll all watch the tally come in at the Embassy party. Dad

  8. Sonjey

    With all due respect, the real star of your blog was my beautiful grandson, Aidan…….He had me at “NANNY”!!!…..
    LALL…….you left your mark!

  9. poren

    This reminds me of the great Gray’s Anatomy debate of 2006;)
    You’re right, Yael. The Palin pick is 100 evil genius not because people will be fooled into voting for her but because they will start to talk about her life and not her politics. Once again the brilliant Republican machine has figured out a way to completely shift the focus away from the real issues. I don’t care if Palin went back to work three days or three years after giving birth or that her daughter didn’t pay close enough attention during her abstinence only education class. I’m concerned with Palin’s NRA membership, I am of the opinion that school shootings are a bad thing. I’m concerned that she does not believe a woman has a right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. I’m concerned that her party favors maintaining tax cuts for the wealthy while giving no relief to the poor. And I think she is absolutely nuts for criticizing the Democrats for failing to believe that “victory” is possible in Iraq. But the Republicans are genius because somehow they have deemed all criticisms of her invalid personal attacks regardless of whether they actually are such.

  10. Ney Ney

    Bravo to you, Poren. The decision as to Palin’s suitability for national office shouldn’t include her track record as a mom. Since when have we based our votes on male candidates’ records as dads? How Palin chooses to bear, rear and educate her children is her business. How she stands on issues of reproductive choice, taxes, national security, health care and the environment is mine. If the Republicans have, indeed, promoted her to the national spotlight in order to distract voters from the real issues, they have failed to do so with me.

  11. yael

    You kind of just made my point for me. Palin’s track record as a mom should not have any place in the decision of whether to vote for her. Both sides are guilty here- Republicans hope she will appeal to moms. Some Democrats think she should be vilified for being a “bad” mom. I can’t remember the last time we talked about a male candidate as a dad. Lucky f***s.

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