boredom = death

We were at a pub last night for someone’s birthday and in the confusion of whether there were enough tables for us to all order thai food, someone ordered 3 Domino’s pizzas. Which is a nice moment in England.

And I believe also amidst the beer I was involved in a conversation about how it’s terrible to be boring. Which is so judgmental and non-boring of me. And basically, well, today I am stone cold bored. I am so bored of this blog, I want to sleep on top of it, and then wake up and look at it again and fall back asleep. I am so bored, I can’t even get jazzed thinking about how The Hills is not even keeping me afloat for seven days anymore. LC is so bored with herself she isn’t even doing that goth thing with her fingernails. I just don’t know if I can make it an entire day on Sarah Palin jpeg spoofs and room temperature yogurt. You know what I’m saying? If you feel sorry for me, give me some new websites to read.

This isn’t boring though. This made me laugh for at least two seconds. Which is a lot in laughter time.



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7 responses to “boredom = death

  1. triniis

    watch the NEW 90210 !!!! its amazing

  2. Ernn

    I second the 90210 motion. I think it was really fantastic and the pilot leaves many questions unanswered, which I think should be debated on this blog.

    This blog is what keeps me from being bored (see below) so if you fall asleep on it, then what in bloody hell am I supposed to do?

    On the bored issue: I just finished a three hour conference call with ten boring attorneys about the boring effects of a boring tax reorganization. Feel better yet?

  3. yael

    Okay, you guys have sustained me to blog another day. I guess I need to watch 90210. Is it legal to watch that before ever seeing Gossip Girl?

    Was anyone naked during the tax lawyer conference call?

  4. Ernn

    No nudity, and I was in someone else’s office, so I couldn’t even read tmz during the call…

    You MUST watch 90. stat.

    I do love me some Gossip Girl. I didn’t want to start watching it, but I lost the battle and started watching during this off season, for lack of better things to do when I get home from work at 2am and can’t sleep.

  5. tosh-a-lot

    you can always do what i do when i am bored- watch golden girls on dvd. blanche, sophia, dorothy and rose always have something witty to say to perk up your spirits and make you smile 🙂

  6. mdouris

    I’ve never watched gossip girl but have an intimate relationship with Bev 9-er, new and old. I tivo 2 episodes a day of the old one and have watched the first episode of the new niner. Twice. I highly recommend it!!

    And you can’t get bored of your blog, b/c it covers .3 billable hours a day for me. Considering the fact that I’m just sitting here waiting for a partner to ring me at 5:30 and effectively ruin my weekend — I need those .3 billable hours devoted here. So buck up and take one for the team and un-bored yourself!

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