oh, the flood, the flood

HOLY SHIT PALIN FAMILY, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! It just doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this. Unless it is Eliot Spitzer’s baby. Is it? You know Sarah wanted to drive her daughter to an abortion clinic faster than you can say “Jamie Lynn”, but they knew a leaked photo or Planned Parenthood intake form would spell an even more disastrous death for the brand-new Republican ticket. So now everyone’s just really “HAPPY” that a 17 year-old from an incredibly “conservative” family had premarital sex while mom was espousing abstinence education, and got preggo. Oopsydaisies. At least Junior will have an Uncle only one year older. FUN!

Watching the nail-biting ascent and landing of Hurricane Gustav on the U.S. gulf states reminds me that it never rains in London.

[Wait, first a note on Gustav. You know why New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is awesome? Because before the storm, he warned would-be looters: “Anybody who’s caught looting in the city of New Orleans will go directly to Angola [Louisiana State Penitentiary]. You will not have a temporary stay in the city. You go directly to the big house, in general population.” So badass.]

I know saying there is no rain in London seems preposterous, given its reputation, and the sheer number of umbrellas for sale all over town. But. It’s. True. I think?

As far as annual rainfall goes, London ranks low-down, well below New York and Rome for example. We have lived here for seven months now, and I am having trouble remembering more than two times when I had to open an umbrella. When it rains, if at all, it rains for five minutes. Like Seattle, London’s unearned bad reputation might come from months of grey skies (so I’ve heard, but yet to see).

But sometimes, the floodgates of H E double hockeysticks unleash, like Sunday’s ten minutes of torrential downpour. We were all caught unawares (if you will)- Bryan and I happened to be at Homebase, London’s cute equivalent of Home Depot and Lowe’s. It was a small feat that I convinced him to accompany me to get paint samples in the first place, seeing as he doesn’t so much care about accent walls and all. And of course, right when the store was about to close, it POURED. And then it stopped. The grocery store parking lot across Homebase was flooded so badly, customers were taking off their shoes and walking through a foot of water. And men were pushing their women across in shopping carts. And I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.

And of course, our tube line wasn’t running that night, and mine stopped all service Monday morning on my way to work. Apparently London cannot handle ten minutes of serious rain. Which says something.

I write too soon. Now it is raining again. Curses.


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One response to “oh, the flood, the flood

  1. Rebecca

    I think you should blog politics more often. You have a knack for this stuff. Hope you’re staying dry, Lally.

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