an obama-lite weekend

If my blog had any temporal relevance, I suppose I would have blogged on Friday about Obama’s speech in Denver the night before. The only two small problems with that were (a) the speech took place at 3am our time, and (b) my political musings are so uninspired. But when I was getting off a Skype call with my dad and stepmom Thursday night, they casually mentioned they were staying up to watch Obama’s speech. This alarmed me. Would they be heckling him and throwing things at the tv? Was it to more closely study the enemy? Had my father secretly converted from being a career heavyweight at the world’s most conservative political think tank? Was Obama now a Republican?

Their simple answer: “This is historical.”

Well I’ll be.

Sadly, Bryan and I are not physically amidst the fever-pitch frenzy of Obamania. My daily news consists of David Cameron’s blood thirst for Gordon Brown’s job and whether crazycakes Boris Johnson appropriately left his jacket unbuttoned at the handover in Beijing to London for the 2012 Olympics. We rely instead on the hilarity of Jon Stewart (the funniest, hottest, short Jew I know- after my husband) streaming through our laptops as we sip tea, pinky extended, and pray we remember to fill out absentee ballots.

Bryan brought out the election pride on Saturday as we did as un-American a thing possible, and watched a friend play in a rugby match.

And then this Sarah Palin. I am not offended she’s good-looking, or that the press siezes on that. Would Obama have gotten this far if women like Scarlett Johansson and my friend from law school couldn’t also imagine french kissing him in between pillow talk about reducing greenhouse gas emissions? I just hope John McCain picked her to re-energize his evangelical base, and not to win over all the Hillariacs still licking their wounds.

It certainly gives my family something to talk about. My dad wrote this about Palin last year. My brother Josh says “Picking Palin to be VP is sorta like picking Jim Zorn to be your new head coach.” Then on Skype last night, he told me I was sort of resembling her.

I hope I’m that MILFy when I have five kids.



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3 responses to “an obama-lite weekend

  1. joe

    Am I the only one who thinks Palin sounds like Pat from SNL? Furthermore, I was informed by people in the know that she wears a pony tail attachment. In other words, that’s not her real hair in the back. Finally, her paintsuits are not near as cool as Hillary’s. I guess you could say I’m not into Palin – def not a MILF.

  2. tosh-a-lot

    i just cried and peed a little at the photo comparison. josh is funny. and kind of right on this one. and bc joe offered that tidbit rumor about the false ponytail attachment i am now going to talk about that with everyone i speak to today.

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