the new midlife crisis

I was reminded of this when I heard yesterday about the demise of the iconic Vespa model.

There is a new midlife crisis in town. I bring you my father-in-law and stepdad.

The Crocs are a bonus. Because I love you.



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4 responses to “the new midlife crisis

  1. Dan, I fell off my scooter last week going 10 mph. Bad toe, bad pinky & lot’s of scratches. It stinks getting old a it takes much longer to heal. BE CAREFUL! Sande

  2. Dan

    Sande! How did it happen? I think about that all the time so I try to be really careful, but of course, things happen. Did you hit a pothole?

    I have a real helmet now so Renee’s happy.

  3. I, too, strive to be so cool one day. Except my socks will be up. Way up.

  4. Hit a small rock going 10mph. But, I am back on the bike cruising Sarasota in my pink crocks.

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