and so it begins

As a bona fide working girl, I can already see the negative impact my new employed status will have on this blog. Normally, I could spend hours uploading photos of our fantastic weekend in Norway and trying to think desperately of one clever thing to say about trolls or viking ships. But instead: home from the airport, straight to bed, then off to work. So give me another day.

In the meantime, I have something important to say. A Piece of Cake is a chain of quick-food places found in every train station in London, and I am sure beyond. They don’t sell cake though. Which makes me hate A Piece of Cake. And also makes me want to hang my head low and shake it slowly back and forth at the British. And sigh. Loudly.

Thursday a man tapped on my office door to confirm whether I was, in fact, the person he was instructed I was. He then proceeded to apply my name to the outside of the office glass wall. I don’t know when the last time that happened to me was.



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8 responses to “and so it begins

  1. mira

    That makes me hate that place too! So sad.

    They do that in hospitals/doctors offices here…they make you verify that you are, in fact, the person you say you are. You have to look down at the plastic ID thingy that they put on your wrist and read back the name and say, “yes, I am this person”. I guess it’s good esp. if knives were involved or something…

  2. Rebecca

    I would like a piece of cake.

  3. Ney Ney

    I think the name of the place is a reference to the (mistakenly) quoted response of Marie Antoinette in which she is to have said “Let them eat cake,” when told the people of Paris had no bread. The “cake” she was supposed to have referred to was actually brioche (not cake), which the Brits interpreted as cake. So if this place sells bread, that’s the answer. And, since I’ve probably put your readers to sleep at this point with my explanation, I’ll stop here.

  4. Josh

    Name etched in frosted glass? Impressive

  5. Sonjey

    Congrats, on your name written in stone, or uhuh………GLASS (and for only 8 days of work!)

  6. yael

    My mom is so smart. But why is their logo an actual piece of cake, and not a piece of brioche/bread? Taunters.

  7. tosh-a-lot

    this time i am laughing at your mom for totally geeking out in her above comment. ahhh, little reneeeee. and bc i’m slow i was a little confused at the picture bc the other woman’s name is fisher and i had read both names together and thought, “why would yael include her mom’s maiden name in her name and where did ‘elizabeth’ come from?” its ok. i get it now.

  8. This post makes me feel like I’ve been away from Britain for too long. They didn’t have those “piece of cake” places when I was there…

    Of course you know the expression “it was a piece of cake”? Do you? Come to think of it, I haven’t heard that one used over here.

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