my old man

There are those obvious signs that you’re older than you had deluded yourself you were. An easy one is when half the photos and articles in US Weekly are about The Jonas Brothers. And I am like, what? Who? Why? Girls like them? Oh crap, I’m old. Just like my spider veins have been trying to tell me all along.

Two nights ago Bryan came home late from a business trip, and the first thing he did was change, and then fix himself a scotch. But he left his black dress socks on. While fixing a scotch. And mild horror washed over me. I don’t know if he seems old because he is starting to remind me of my dad, or that I can perfectly envision the things our future children will make fun of. Anyway, I’ve got my baby’s back. I am going to tell said imaginary children that once upon a time their father wore steel-toe Doc Martens and their mom had abs of steel.

We’ve gone to Norway for the bank holiday weekend. Fjord country/western Norway to be exact. Fjord is a great word to say over and over. I am excited to see them.



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6 responses to “my old man

  1. Ernnn

    My comment worked Yael!! I’ve been trying for so long, and was writing long funny posts that always got rejected, and then I write HOT, just for s&^ts and giggles and it takes that one?

    Its a whole new world of commenting for me now. I’m very excited.

    Why does it say “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? Does it think I drink too much?

  2. Nilda

    oh goodness, I know exactly how you feel Yael!

    Brian comes home and I make him a drink and think: my father used to do that, and then I think, oh my god, I married my father! (a good thing, but still…) Don’t get me started on the $70 jar of wrinkle revenge and $100 serum of pure vitamin C I now apply to my face. =)

  3. Sonya

    I have this song stuck in my head now and it JUST DOESN’T WORK TOGETHER:

  4. werica

    bank holiday! we were making fun of our london group b/c they were on vacay for a holiday that doesn’t even have a name. lucky brits!

    btw, i was thinking the exact thing about the jonas brothers…when did we get old?

  5. yael

    Ernnn, I almost quit blogging, but I feel like your new-found commenting abilities will keep me afloat. Moderation just because you are a first-time commenter, and yes, because you drink way too much. Sober up for pete’s sake.

    Nilda, you depressed me. Because I need wrinkle cream too, but can’t afford it. I have a crack and scrapbooking habit to fund.

    Sonya, I always think of Joni Mitchell as the soundtrack to Bryan’s life.

    Werica, I make fun of the Brits too. But at least their generic “bank holidays” don’t offend in the political and religious way that American holidays do. PC in the hizzy.

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