my #1 fan?

Apparently I have my first true fan of my blog. Suzanne, from Long Island, started reading this through my mother-in-law. Legend has it she now goes through withdrawal when I don’t post, and really wanted to meet me when I was in NY. All I have to say is, Suzanne, you have damn good taste. And when I begin collecting my millions from ad revenues generated from this site (I only have to increase my traffic by 4,000 page views daily- should be easy), I’m taking you along for the ride. We will yacht the Mediterranean together, and get interviewed via satellite by Jim Kramer and Maria Bartiromo.

We never got to meet when I was in NY. Which is a shame. Because I had totally bought a special Sharpie to autograph her cleavage with. Suzanne, next time. Next time.



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5 responses to “my #1 fan?

  1. Sonjey

    Suzanne, wherever you are…………… owe me!

  2. Maddo

    #1 fan, eh? nice. out with the old in with the new. Dont get comfortable, Suzanne…it’s a coveted title and has the staying power of the Spice Girls.

  3. yael

    Oh SNAP! I was waiting for Big Pipes to comment, but look at Maddo, coming in for the kill from behind. Just because you have 93 fruit flies vying for your attention, don’t take it out on me. xo

  4. Ames

    Hmmm – how can we settle this? Big Pipes is silently weeping somewhere just seeing that he wasn’t named “Yael’s #1 Fan.” Can it be settled with an arm wrestling match? He’ll even travel out to LI – it’s that important.

  5. Suzanne

    I am honored! I am so confident in my status,I welcome ANY kind of challenge and assure you I will hold on to my title!!! I am always up for an adventure and when Yael beckons….I will be there….hmmmm….can y’all say the same!!!! Bring it on and let the games begin!!! Thanks Yael!!!!!!!!! :)))))

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