chapter 2: long island

We spent the past week with Bryan’s family on Long Island. His dad and stepmom flew up from Florida, my mom and stepdad drove up from VA on their way to Maine, and mostly we hung with our nephews, Aidan and Shea. Oh, and shopped. A lot.

I love visiting family in the suburbs. Target and Marshalls are even more precious to me now that I not only live in a city lacking in these things, but actually a whole country and continent lacking. We packed an entire suitcase on the way back with Kraft macaroni & cheese, Airborne, proper deodorant and $19.99 items of clothing from Costco. Note to the United Kingdom: Airborne is a good thing. You might want to look into it.

We’ve never been able to spend so much uninterrupted time with Bryan’s family. I guess that’s a silver lining of living far away. I finally lived the reality (briefly) of parenting babies and toddlers: crying, food throwing, constant diaper changes, spit-up, fever from cutting teeth, The Wiggles… Bryan’s sister said staying with them was probably good birth control for us. The plane tickets were expensive though, so the pill is still a better value. And I am nothing if not occasionally thrifty.

But our almost 2-year old nephew finally can put names to our faces. Aidan’s pronunciation of my name is “Lall.” Of all the welcomed nicknames and unwelcome mispronunciations of my name I have embraced and endured throughout the years, Aunt Lall is now the sweetest to my ears. That’s the thing about kids. They. Just. Rule.

We also got to eat ice cream cake, and watch the unbelievable Michael Phelps .01 second win in the 100-meter butterfly. America, you had me at everything.



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6 responses to “chapter 2: long island

  1. snosh

    bottom right photo is priceless 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    Isn’t ice cream cake the best? Have a great second day at work (it’s probably half over by now) Lally!

  3. Sonjey

    yes, yes, yes, that pic on the bottom…. Yael, I love you sooooooo so much! Thanks for reliving a week I will never forget.

  4. Sonjey

    we sing the swimming song and he says, “Lall”

  5. Lindsay

    You brought tears to my eyes!! The pictures are amazing. All we here all day and night is Lall and whenever we tell Aidan to say Bryan he just says hat. It’s hysterical. We all miss you dearly.

  6. Pictures are great! So much fun to see everyone. Met game topped of the week. Don’t forget to root for the Ray’s!

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