chapter 1: manhattan and brooklyn

Two weekends ago we descended upon New York City in all our jet-lagged glory, on a mission to see as many friends as possible. I think we accomplished this. Obviously, I take credit for our very efficient social schedule and the perfect weather. That’s the cool thing about free will- you can just take credit for things like the weather, and I mean, what’s anyone going to do about it.

The city was everything we needed it to be. Filled with delicious pizza and bagels and huevos rancheros and our funny and interesting friends, perfect outdoor temperatures, 2-hour brunch waits and parents who raise phenomenal kids in apartments the size of my sister-in-law’s living room. We ate in the Lower East Side, bar-hopped, saw our old neighbors and played with their kids, met my ex-boss and colleagues for lunch, visited friends with toddlers, Bryan managed to squeeze in a Radiohead concert, went running along the Hudson, had the best bbq night ever in the history of the borough of Brooklyn, Bryan shotgunned beers, we visited friends with babies, ate our favorite Italian (food, not person) in the East Village, and capped it all off with a Mets game on Bryan’s birthday.

And today is the first day of my new job. Which means Bryan will sing me the Back to School song from Billy Madison. And since I would be a fool to ever blog about work- instead, I bring you photos of our NYC invasion. Love that city. Love those people.



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2 responses to “chapter 1: manhattan and brooklyn

  1. snosh

    ahhh. the aries in me is forever jealous of those that live in nyc and got to see you 😦 glad you guys had a good trip tho!

  2. Virg

    Ditto that….when’s the DC visit??? 🙂 Glad you guys had a fabulous trip…good luck with the new job!!!

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