When I wrote a list of things I loved about Bryan on Valentine’s Day, I could never shake the feeling that I left out a critical element of him, and us- our love for dogs. L O V E. I love dogs the way I love children- deeply and unconditionally. I appreciate them as nature’s Prozac. In my ongoing internal battle of city vs. suburb, there is always a dog in the corner, waiting to get in the ring, waiting to make the suburb victorious. Bryan feels the same.

For my 26th birthday (I think… my god, who can even remember?), Bryan brought me an older puppy, rescued from a temporary owner in over her head. We named the black & white mutt Luna, for Lunatic. Because puppies can make you cry with their Naughtiness.

Long story short, this Luna moved with us to Brooklyn, and probably wasn’t as fond of the concrete jungle and tight living quarters as we were. During a trip to Alaska, Bryan’s father and stepmother watched her in New York, and after a quick bond with their older Golden Retriever, Codee, that was it. Our Lunatic had a new home, replete with grass and treats- two things we couldn’t give her.

This past week, Codee, 98 in dog years, passed over to the other side. Where there is no doubt sunshine, rope toys, rawhide and constant companionship. Luna is a little lonely… and since she’s my first child, I hope she cheers up soon.



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7 responses to “dogs

  1. Codee was a true lover & friend to the entire family! Luna has been getting lot’s of treats (too many from Bug!) & is enjoying long walks in Sarasota. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

  2. joe

    well this makes me absolutely cry. much love to codee.

  3. Virg

    That brought on tears (true it doesn’t take much 🙂 and I didn’t even know Codee. Hail to Codee and Luna!!!

  4. Rebecca

    (runs off to hug her dog extra tight today).

  5. yael

    Thanks for the love you all.

  6. Sonjey

    I’ll never forget the day Lindsay and I picked out little Codee girl. She had an amazing life! I wish Luna well………………..Get her a new buddy soon!

  7. From one dog lover to another – much sympathies.
    I’m gonna run and giveYoshi a big hug right now.

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