incontrovertible proof that i am the greatest wife ever

August 11, 2008 • Mets vs. Pirates • scoreboard at Shea Stadium



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11 responses to “incontrovertible proof that i am the greatest wife ever

  1. Josh

    Awesome. Happy B-day Bry. I expect to see photos of the Favre jersey.

  2. Josh

    I’m so close to having all of the “Recent Comments”

  3. Josh

    There, I did it. Total domination of the recent comments. Winner!

  4. Bry

    Indeed, Yael is numero uno in the wife category. Now if she could figure out a way to make the Mets win, she’d be darn near perfect. Thanks for a memorable bday present wifey!

  5. toshalot

    when bryan says ‘wifey’ it reminds me of hip hop. i can’t place it now but someone says ‘wifey’ in some hip hop song … uhm, when i lived with bryan he used to always sing that brandy song, “full moon”. its on my ipod now bc of him. that has nothing to do with what i started talking about or anything else actually …. happy birthday to bryan! woohoooooo!

  6. triniis

    great thanks yael. now what do you think dave is expecting for his birthday. thanks!

  7. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh how am I EVER going to think of a birthday present as cool as this?

  8. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh Sean can never ever hear of this.

  9. yael

    Both Bryan’s parents gave him a Favre jersey for his birthday. Obsessed minds think alike.

    Josh, I like your Recent Comments domination. Even if it was short-lived.

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