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Food blogs. Those dangerous, dangerous little devils. Filled with photographs and descriptions of food, made by mere mortals, that put me to shame. The best thing that came out of a forced roommate situation my first year of law school was that said roommate turned me on the the 24-hour food porn that is The Food Network. And I never looked back.

I do love to cook and bake. I live for preparing appetizers. But I don’t have the confidence to wing it, or the open-minded taste palette to make it exciting- attributes given to all the men in my family. Instead, I am a cook like my mom. Picky, and usually following a recipe. But unlike her, I don’t forget integral ingredients along the way. Love you mom.

The best food blogs to me are the ones where people take photos of recipes they try at home, not the ones where the person reviews restaurants. The photos are always gorgeous. Here is a start-up a friend sent me: We Are Stuffed.

It’s been awhile, so if you have food blogs you recommend, I am all eyes.

The dishes below are what I like to call “I Really Needed A Job” (or, (1) Sesame Tuna with Cucumbers and Peanut Sesame Noodles which I prepared for my Master, even though I don’t eat fish, and (2) Chick Pea Pilaf Quinoa, because I worry about my Master’s heart):



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3 responses to “food blogs

  1. mira

    yummmy, i want some.

  2. Sarah

    Amazing food blog –
    I am obsessed with this NYC gal and her recipes.

  3. Josh

    I’m not a vegan or fat-free. Last night I had skirt steak and the night before I had ribeye. But I also get organic produce delivered every week, so I have a ton of vegetables to go through and I find the above website a good way to find relatively easy-to-make, delicious recipes that are centered on vegetables.

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