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Good news: I have managed to get myself employed here in London. Don’t fall for it- staying at home is not that great.

Also we leave for New York on Thursday. A tour of friends and family, and new and growing nephews. Because of my v. good mood, and because my sphere of influence in marketing products is approaching Oprah’s level, the summertime seems like a good time to share some of my favorite things (some girly, but not all). Except by share, I mean writing about them on this pointless blog. Not giving away anything for free. YOU have a job. Go get your own stuff.

Hanky Pankys

This is the greatest thong underwear known to mankind. Comfortable lace (even if you think you hate thongs), beautiful, flattering on every body type, and best part: one size only. Which is never bad for the self-esteem. A true friend told me about these years ago, and I am hooked. This friend also got me to first get my eyebrows waxed, and took me to get properly fitted for jeans. You might think a real friend thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are. False. That’s called a “frenemy,” because she secretly likes that you’re disheveled and ugly.


I have to pat myself on the back for seeing these in a magazine once and actually following up and purchasing them. Amazing and stylish reusable sacks that fold up teenie weenie. Tons of colors and designs to choose from. You can stick them in your purse or gym bag, and then tote your groceries, or whatever else home in them. They are bigger, stronger, and 100 times more stylish than plastic bags. They are sooooooo good for the environment. And I have yet to break them out at the grocery store without someone asking me where I got them. Going green does not mean going fugly.

LIDAN basket sets at IKEA

Bear with me here- these will rock your world. They cost practically nothing and are made of bizarre-o material that bends and conforms to any spot, and can fold up flat. But when used as a storage basket, they immediately class up a closet or other storage area in ways that would make your Pottery Barn catalog jealous. I have a million that I use for make-up, toiletries, socks and undies (or as my mom would say, “panties” – ew) For all the crap that it’s possible to purchase at IKEA, it’s true what the store says: “Our biggest idea is the smallest price.”

Friday Night Lights, Seasons 1-2 on DVD

You will laugh, cry, and want a family just like theirs. Believe the hype, and this hype, and not your own made-up opinions about the best show ever on television.



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6 responses to “favorite things

  1. Ames

    CONGRATS on the job – v. exciting! Will techno music be pumping through your new work environ? What a smart idea to do your favorite things. I lo-ove it. I’m guilty of checking O’s website on the eve of her favorite things show to get gift ideas. T minus 2 until you’re here – hooray!! Brooklynites, brace yourselves!

  2. Big Pipes

    does internet land get a posting on what the job is? does new job = less blogging? or uninspired blogging? do amy and i get an award if we are the only two to post threads? our relationship revolves around this blog, as it should.

  3. yael

    My favorite couple (yes, you get an award)- the job is at Lovells, in Business Development. I am sure the blog will suffer, although, let’s be honest- it already has 😉 My stats are down which leads me to believe my life in London just isn’t exciting enough. I may be a failed blogging experiment. (Now if only I could find some kids to write about… )

  4. Nilda

    congrats on the new job! it will be a nice change of pace – biz development, thought I can guarantee you’re going to be missing all your free time in less than a month! this coming from another freeloading wife. ha ha

  5. Virg

    Yay!!!! Congrats on the job…and since you are currently flying over the Atlantic…have a great wonderful voyage home…:-)

  6. Josh

    Kaci loves the envirosax you got her. Glad you liked FNL.

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